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Adjustable Drip Emitter on Spike 360-Degree

Adjustable Drip Emitter on Spike 360-Degree
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The 0-10 GPH adjustable drip emitter on spike with 360-degree flow pattern produces a gentle stream pattern that can be adjusted from small to large coverage. Available with barb or spike, this drip emitter is used to water an individual plant or group of plants.

Part #: D032
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The 180° and the 360° adjustable flow drip emitters have a flow range of 0 to 10 GPH at a preset pressure of 25 PSI. When the cap is rotated the adjustable drip emitter flow and the radius of the soaked area change from a drip to a gentle stream pattern to off. This feature allows the user to adjust the flow to each individual plant as needed. Twisting the dial on the drip emitter towards the "+" or the "-" signs allows the user to increase or decrease the flow rate. Our range of adjustable drip emitters come with 5" spike and 1/4" side barb inlet or with 1/4" barb inlet only. The ideal use for this range of adjustable drip emitters is for a group of plants or under a large individual plant.

By: dorarosa, 02/25/15

By: T., 05/16/13

Nice all around emitter .... adjustable flow & diameter are what make it so.

By: dunecrane, 05/19/12

I use more of these than anything else by a longshot. The adjustability makes all the difference, they're great for almost any type of plants, although I prefer them for the larger specimens, using microsprayers for annuals, and most flowers.

By: meyerage, 06/20/11

This drip emitters are great. They're easily adjustable over a wide range of drip rates and they're a great buy.

By: to_rajivmehra, 10/01/09

Very good!
They are fully adjustable. It sends 8 [or 6?] tiny streams of water in a 360 degree pattern. I use it in many places....ranging from large container/pots to small trees. Works perfectly.
The flow is a little high....especially for containers.......they start overflowing in a minute or two. Hence I am looking at MS023 instead for containers.

By: ralleia, 07/02/07

They work great and are adjustable, as indicated. Use too many and they sap the water pressure, though.

By: LaDonna Hilton, 03/03/04

Put one on each of my young 30 fruit trees. All worked perfectly on the very first try. Gives even, steady watering and are easily adjustable.

  • Available: on 1/4" barb or 5" stake with barbed sleeve
  • Drip emitter pattern : 180° or 360° coverage
  • Flow rate: 0 to10 GPH
  • Fully open : up to 3' diameter of coverage
  • Materials: Body: Polpropylene
  • Operating pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
  • Recommended filtration: 150 mesh
  • Recommended pressure: 25 PSI
  • Streams : Four for the 180° and eight for the 360° coverage
  • Can be taken apart for easy cleaning
  • The adjustable head will take approximately 22 clicks to be fully open
  • The barbed drip emitter installs into 1/4” micro tubing or into 1/2” drip tubing
  • The stake drip emitter installs into 1/4” micro tubing only
  • UV protected; manufactured from superior durable plastics for long life against degradation

Installation for Adjustable Drip Emitters

When using this type of drip emitter be aware that as you adjust the flow, the total flow rate of the system may be affected and this may lower the system uniformity.  In other words, increasing the flow from each adjustable drip emitter on your system may limit the efficiency of the system. For example, on 1/4" micro tubing only three to four adjustable drip emitters should be used when they are opened to the maximum flow, and it is recommended to use no more than 20 to 25 adjustable drip emitters on 1/2"  drip tubing.