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3/4" Male Pipe Thread x 1/2" Easy-Loc Connector

3/4 in.  Male Pipe Thread x 1/2 in.  Easy-Loc Connector
For use with 1/2" .700 OD polytubing

The commercial grade 3/4" male adapter x 1/2" Spin-Loc connector is used to connect a 1/2" drip tubing or drip line to a main lateral with a 3/4" female pipe thread. To use this Spin-Loc fitting, push the drip tubing over the barb with the "O" ring and thread the sleeve over the drip tubing to secure. The tight seal for the Spin-Loc fittings is ensured by the rubber "O" ring on the barb, which provides a quality water-tight connection.

Part #: LF059
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The Drip Store’s commercial grade Spin-Loc fittings are available in many configurations to meet the demands of all types off drip irrigation applications. Use the 1/2" Spin-Loc fittings in the layout and installation of 1/2" drip tubing.

The Spin-Loc fittings use a sleeve assembly over a body with a barb insert, allowing the user to easily install the many fittings that might be needed throughout the installation of the drip tubing. The sleeve makes the Spin-Loc fittings easier to install and tighten. An advanced sealing interface with a long barb provides guides for the Spin-Loc to slide over the barb for a secure seal. Our Spin-Loc fittings are made of high impact UV resistant plastic and can last for many years.

By: diyguy1942, 09/01/12

Exactly as shown in the picture; the barb is slightly smaller than the ones on connector LF050 and seem to fit loose on .600 ID tubing previously used with the larger barbs on other fittings. It did seem to tightening ok with tubing ends previously used with the larger barbs. With new unused tubing it tightened very well.

  • Maximum pressure: 60 PSI