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90-Degree Vari-Jet Adjustable Micro Sprayer with Stake Assembly

90-Degree Vari-Jet Adjustable Micro Sprayer with Stake Assembly
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The 90-degree adjustable Vari-Jet micro sprayer is available with 13" spike, 12” PE micro tubing and ¼” barb. The micro sprayer has a flow rate of 0-31 GPH @ 10 to 30 PSI with a spray pattern of up to 10’ radius. This series of adjustable sprayers has no moving parts and can be used in home gardens for groundcover, flowerbeds and trees.

Part #: MSA022
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The Drip Store has a wide range of adjustable micro sprayers and jets to meet all of today‘s requirements for micro irrigation needs. Built-in adjustable flow control to control the distance or radius can adjust the water flow from 0 to 31 GPH and the diameter up to 26'. The no moving parts adjustable micro sprayers can be used for a wide range of applications and are available with 90°, 180° and 360° patterns for small to large diameter and watering that requires small droplet size with low precipitation rates. When low volume overhead irrigation is desired for an area where drip emitters are not practical and micro sprinkler diameters and moving parts are not required nor preferred, the adjustable micro sprayer may be what is needed. Like micro sprinklers, micro sprayers and jets are available in a wide variety of styles, flow rates, diameters, and configurations. Like micro sprinklers, they operate at low pressure and require a filter to protect the small orifice of the adjustable sprayer from clogging. The main advantage of adjustable micro sprayers to some users could be the lack of moving parts and the feature of adjustable flow rates.