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4 mm (.125") Palm Punch

4 mm (.125 in. ) Palm Punch
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The Spot Spitter palm punch is constructed of heavy duty plastic and fits comfortably in your hand when punching precise holes in any size drip tubing. Used for installing 1/8" "spot-spitter" polytubing (T301) directly with no barb, this tool can also be used when installing Katif drip emitters - a large barb such as model D043, D044 and D045 (pin diameter around 4-5 mm).

Part #: A039
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The punches and cutters offered by The Drip Store are accessories used in installation of a micro irrigation system. They are used to punch holes, to cut or to insert connectors into the drip or micro tubing.

  • Used to punch holes into the drip tubing or to cut the drip or micro tubing
  • UV resistant, high impact plastic