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Professional Gun Punch

Professional Gun Punch
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The professional gun punch from DIG is a heavy duty punch that quickly and easily punches precise uniform holes in any of the 1/2" or 3/4" sizes of drip irrigation tubing for insertion of drip emitters, micro sprinklers and 1/4" barbed fittings. The gun punch features an easy to grip handle with interchangeable heat-treated steel pins in 2 mm, 3mm and 4 mm (the 2 mm and 4 mm pins are not included with the punch). Using this punch, the hole punched is always in the center of the drip tubing and there is no danger of cutting through to the other side of the drip tubing. Absolutely safe to use, the heat treated stainless steel tip retracts fully after use to protect the user. If used with 3/4" drip tubing, remove the blue sleeve under the pin, which easily slides out for removal. Constructed of UV-resistant, high impact plastic.

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The punches and cutters offered by The Drip Store are accessories used in installation of a micro irrigation system. They are used to punch holes, to cut or to insert connectors into the drip or micro tubing. The Drip Store’s range of punch and cutter accessories includes:

· Basic palm punches: Inexpensive and used only for punching holes into drip tubing.
· Professional Gun Punch: Used for punching a large number of holes into drip tubing, using a durable heavy-duty heat-treated pin.
· Professional Gun Punch with Tubing Cutter: Used for punching a large number of holes into the drip tubing, using a durable, heavy-duty heat-treated pin and includes a cutter to cut the drip tubing.
· Cutters: Used for cutting the drip tubing.

By: patspath, 04/26/14

Love this punch. So much better than a palm punch. I really can't imagine trying to install any of this without this punch. It is accurate, no slip, no miss & easy to use. It holds the tube in place, while putting the hole exactly where you want it, quickly & easily. I am female, 58 years old & over the last 4 years have install over 3000 ft of tubing. I think I would have been discouraged & never really begun if I hadn't gotten the gun punch with my very first order. It has made all the difference. I think I have bought 3 (maybe 4)over the years. (Sometimes misplace for a while, & don't want to be without one at any time.) Just this year, my 1st one broke, but I got my use out of it.

By: Dlimenko, 12/25/12

A very useful tool, but there is almost no way to line it up with an overhead system, so you can be sure that the hole is pointed straight down. THAT is the worst part of the design.

By: kanode, 08/08/11

Note that this punch like all Gun Punches does't work on tubing that's hot from being in the sun. The heat softens the tubing and the tubing temporarily collapses under the force of the cutter.

When you have to work on hot tubing, the cheaper awl-style punch works better.

By: rharris1951, 06/16/11

By: ralleia, 07/02/07

Very easy to use and durable. I've had mine for at least two years--works perfectly even for tired hands. Don't use any other punch.

By: Kevin Walls, 09/04/06

I have used this punch for 2 years. OUTSTANDING ! Always works, no issues

By: chad harter, 07/19/06

great product. almost to easy to use.

By: Roger Daisley, 06/06/06

Works as stated. If you have many holes to punch, this is the ONLY way to go. (HINT: Buy a hand punch also, to put in your pocket to punch the occasional hole when this punch is nowhere to be found.)

By: Aaron Winter, 04/30/05

Definately worth the price. If you have alot of 1/2 inch tubing like I do, this tool saves you time. We were able to quickly punch and insert our 1/4 inch lines in no time.
It does a great job as I have not had one leak branching off of the 1/2 inch main line.

  • Used to punch holes into the drip tubing or to cut the drip or micro tubing
  • UV resistant, high impact plastic