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6-Outlet Adjustable Drip Manifold on 1/2" FNPT

6-Outlet Adjustable Drip Manifold on 1/2" FNPT

The 6-outlet adjustable drip manifold is a high flow emission device with six outlets with each outlet having adjustable flow between 0-20 GPH. It is available with barbed outlets that swivel so the flow dial tucks under the head after installation.

Category: Retrofit 6-Outlets

Available ModelsPartPrice
D042 : 6-Outlet Adjustable Drip Manifold on 1/2 in.  FNPT      6-Outlet Adjustable Drip Manifold on 1/2" FNPT D042$5.06 ea.

The Drip Store’s retrofit systems can be used to convert an existing sprinkler head to a drip system without altering the flow or other capabilities of the original design. These retrofit drip heads are available with six adjustable outlets, and can be used with individual plants or groups of plants as part of any irrigation system.

Retrofit drip heads or manifolds are designed to adapt any 1/2" riser to a drip irrigation system. They may be incorporated into a new system, or used to convert an existing sprinkler to a 6- outlet drip system. Retrofitting conventional sprinkler systems to low flow water saving drip systems requires a few simple steps that include evaluation of the areas to be watered and selection of the best method to water. The most suitable areas for retrofit drip system are shrubs, trees, roses, pots, or individual plants that can be irrigated more efficiently using this system.

  • Filter requirement
    • D042 : 80 Mesh
  • Flow rate adjustable
    • D042 : Between 0 to 20 GPH for each outlet
  • Inlet and outlet
    • D042 : Inlet size 1/2" FNPT
  • Materials
    • D042 : Body and cover: high impact plastic
    • D042 : Diaphragm : Silicon
  • Operating pressure
    • D042 : up to 50 PSI
  • Use with
    • D042 : 1/4" (.150 -.160 ID) distribution tubing
  • Install above grade or place below grade in a 6" emitter box
  • Rugged materials to withstand the most adverse conditions
  • Six adjustable outlet emitters
  • Six pressure compensating, self flushing outlets allow easy passage of water and minimize clogging
  • Swivel barb outlets allow installation flexibility and protection of the flow control
  • Used with 1/4" distribution tubing (Parts #D062-65 & SF006, sold separately).
    • Installation for Retrofitting 4 & 6 Outlet

      Retrofitting a conventional sprinkler system to a low flow, water saving drip irrigation system requires a few simple steps:

      Step 1: Evaluate the areas to be watered. While large areas such as lawns are best watered by sprinklers, other areas, such as shrubs, trees, roses, or individual plants, can be irrigated more efficiently by using the retrofit drip heads.

      Step 2: Remove the sprinkler head from the riser.

      Step 3: Turn the water on and flush the line.

      Step 4: Screw the 4-outlet drip head onto the riser.

      Step 5: extend a 1/4” micro-tubing from the drip head to the plants or combine the micro tubing with 1/4" drip line

      Step 6: Secure the 1/4"" micro-tubing with a 1/4" stake and insert the stake to ground near the plant area