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1/2” FPT Coupling

1/2” FPT Coupling
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Made of durable black plastic, the 1/2” coupling is used to join two sections of pipe with 1/2” male pipe thread.

Part #: A134
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The Drip Store’s swivel threaded fittings are specialty fittings that are used to change hose thread to thread pipe and other fittings that may be used for any part of your irrigation system.

By: Messoid, 08/22/12

I used this coupling to add an air relieve valve to my system but it leaks like crazy. I tried snug, tight, and very tight, all bad. I then added an oring to one of the parts and that slowed it down, but thats all. It appears the walls are too thin and deform causing the leaks.

The Drip Store ~ response by: Cameron, 08/23/12

When connecting parts that use pipe threads, especially those without a female seat washer such as the A134, be sure you are using Teflon tape wrap on the male side (commonly found in the plumbing section of any local hardware -- Drip Store part A042).  MPT parts are tapered, so over tightening these pieces will fail to stop these small leaks.  This customer's issue was likely due to lack of Teflon tape sealant.  

  • Operating pressure: up to 100 PSI.