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1" Continuous Air Vacuum Relief Valve

1 in.  Continuous Air Vacuum Relief Valve
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The 1” continuous air relief valve is installed with an irrigation system to allow continuous relief of pressure from air pockets during operation, preventing pipes and fittings from cracking or bursting. The air relief valves can reduce the chance of water hammer damage caused by a sudden reversal of water flow. The air valve float design ensures the valve closes as water fills the system and remains open when air pressure reaches 7 PSI.

Part #: A157
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In any irrigation system trapped air bubbles can damage pumps (via cavitations) and disrupt the flow and pressure in the system. Installing an air relief valve in an irrigation system allows the release of large volumes of air as water flows through the pump, pipes and filtration system, either along or at the ends of the main line. A continuous relief valve insures that pockets of air are continuously released during operation, reducing vacuum effect at shutdown.

  • Available: 1" and 2" NPT connections
  • Durable: weather resistant and non-corrosive reinforced polyamide
  • Seals pressure: at 5 PSI
  • Working pressure: 5-100 PSI
  • Ensures maximum protection of the irrigation system with proper sizing and placement
  • Extracts air and relieves vacuum continuously as water flows through the pipes, filter manifolds and other parts of the irrigation system
  • Promotes full capacity and utilization of the irrigation pipeline
  • Saves pipes and equipment from harmful water hammer effects
  • Specially designed double seal feature with its low density float makes the valve completely watertight even when the pipe is highly pressurized or emptied, no matter how slowly these operations are carried out
  • Threaded outer elbow features an inner filter to prevent outside objects from entering the air relief valve
  • UV protected bright colored top allows easy visibility

Installation for Air Relief Valve A157

To install an air relief valve, ensure you have a 1" FNPT tee at the highest point along the pipeline or upstream of the valve manifolds. The air relief valve should thread into a 1" male pipe thread. It is important to install the air relief valve at the highest point of the system layout or near the pump and filtration stations to allow it to work correctly. If your water inlet and filter are lower than the irrigated landscape, ensure your air relief valve is suitably located at the highest point.