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Flush Valve with 3/4" FHT

Flush Valve with 3/4 in.  FHT
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The 3/4" FHT flush valve is used for automatic flushing of an individual drip line at the beginning and at the end of each irrigation cycle. When reaching 36 GPH at the start up, the flush valve closes, and when pressure drops below 1 PSI the valve opens. To install the flush valve to a drip system connect the 3/4" FHT flush valve to a 3/4" male hose thread compression fitting (models LF081, LF082 and LF083) or to spin lock fittings (models LF053, LF056, LF075 and LF105) automatic end of line flush valves.

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To minimize the risk of drip irrigation or micro sprinkler clogging due to low water quality, it is important to flush your irrigation system from time to time. If your irrigation system needs to be flushed more frequently, use one of the best-kept secrets of drip irrigation system, the automatic flush valve. Automatic flush valves can play a significant role in conserving time and labor and can protect your drip irrigation system.

By: prajendran, 05/15/11

I was a little skeptical at first, but I've installed these at the end of all my laterals and T connections. They allow a small flush at the start of each watering cycle and open at the end for drainage. These were left in place over winter and I did not need to flush out the system. Since they drain below 7PSI, there's also less chance of trapped water freezing over winter and bursting the main line. I still have a few lateral ends with the pinch ring (figure 8) and when I open them, I see quite a bit of sediment and algae, so installing these flush valves is definitely in order.

  • Inlet and outlet : Connection: 3/4" FHT
  • Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
  • Minimum pressure at the flush valves : 10 PSI
  • Automatic cleaning operation eliminates periodic manual flushing.
  • Can be disassembled, allowing for winterization "blowout".
  • Flushing reduces sediment build-up in the drip line drip emitters, extending the long-term performance of the drip line and the irrigation system.
  • Made with high impact UV resistant plastic
  • Used with drip irrigation systems and works well with clean or dirty water.

Installation for Flush Valves

If the flush valve does not close (continues to flush), disassemble the flush valve. Inspect the spring and washer, cleaning or replacing as necessary, and reassemble.