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Nursery Irrigation

The Drip Store's nursery irrigation products using drip emitters, micro sprinklers, misting system, fogging system, drip irrigation system for nurseries and greenhouses irrigation system The Drip Store’s nursery irrigation products and systems utilizing Roberts Spot Spitters and rotary micro sprinklers designed to provide cost-effective, versatile solutions for your nursery watering applications. Converting your irrigation system from high flow or inefficient low flow irrigation can help your bottom line. Our micro sprinklers and Spot Spitters are suitable for all applications in the irrigation of seedlings, young saplings and mature plants in benches, rows, and in small to large pots in nursery applications. We offer a range of micro sprinklers with either a spinner type or turbine mechanism, each providing smooth operation and uniform water distribution, offering a higher Coefficient of Uniformity at a variety of recommended spacing. Make the change now to improve the distribution uniformity of your irrigation system, leading to faster growth and higher production for your plants.