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9 GPH Micro Sprayer Body Assembly Only (Lt. Blue nozzle)

9 GPH Micro Sprayer Body Assembly Only  (Lt. Blue nozzle)
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Micro sprayers can be used for propagation, humidification, cooling, and irrigation in an inverted position for seedling and cooling in greenhouses, hothouses and nurseries. The micro sprayers can be connected upside down directly into the main lateral with the assembly that includes, anti-leak device model G102 or G103, micro tubing and weight assembly, model G112 to G114 or on 1/2" female thread base, model G111. Available with flow rates of 9 GPH with blue nozzle, 18 GPH with black nozzle (model G418)and 42 GPH with brown nozzle (model G419).

By: Dlimenko, 12/26/12

These provide great coverage, but DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

I'm giving this 4 stars because of the poor advice we received from the Drip Store. ** Correction: I would say it was probably miscommunication. The diagrams and plans made up for our trees were great.

This sprayer should NOT be used outdoors. Unfortunately, the Drip Store recommended these for our outdoor tree nursery and keeping them about 6' above the seedlings. Not Good.

The spray is beautiful, fine, and does a great job soaking the whole plant. But the slightest breeze blows most of the water off of the rows of trees.

In conclusion, use these only indoors, in places without a breeze, or a maximum of 3' above your plants.

The Drip Store ~ response by: Cameron, 01/07/13

We appreciate this customer’s comments and apologize for any miscommunication. Micro sprinklers and sprayers do have a small droplet size when compared to traditional overhead sprinklers, and spray patterns might be affected by wind elements.  As this customer points out, you may need to take steps to reduce the effect of wind on micro-irrigation systems in general, such as wind blocking or placing the sprinkler closer to the application.  Due to their slightly larger droplet size, it’s best to use “sprinkler” type inverted watering devices, with radial positioning (overlap spray pattern), when installing out-of-doors in windy conditions.  Often, sprinklers well-suited for outdoor use will have much higher GPH, which could lead to an increase in bottom-line costs -- requiring perhaps more zone valves, control units, and supply tubing -- to support a relatively high system flow rate which draws from a single water connection.

  • Droplet Size: .0008", very fine at 35 PSI
  • Flow rate @ 30 PSI: 9 GPH (light blue nozzle) with up to 8' diameter
  • Mounting: stabilizer weight, anti-leak device, 12" or 24" and 36 " micro tube and barb
  • Nominal Flow: 30 PSI
  • Operating pressure: 25 to 45 PSI
  • Operating Pressure in Overlapping Irrigation: 35 PSI
  • Pattern: 360°
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Recommended layout : 2' to 6' above the bench
  • Recommended spacing between micro sprayers laterals: 3' to 4' apart
  • Recommended spacing between the micro sprayers: 3'
  • Trajectory Angle: Approximately 1°
  • Wetting diameter : up to 8' mounting 4' to 6' above ground
  • Color coded nozzles for flow rate identification
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Made of durable materials ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers for long-lived trouble free operation
  • Modular design allows for a wide range of interchangeable components
  • Recommended spacing 3' to 5' apart
  • Suitable for upright and inverted position