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High Pressure Press-Fit Anti-Leak Device

High Pressure Press-Fit Anti-Leak Device
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The high pressure Press-fit anti-leak device is used only with our Press-fit micro sprinkler models G518 and G519. The anti-leak device is installed into the inlet side of the micro sprinkler assembly and can be used in upside down position. The anti leak devise opens at 16 to 22 PSI and closes at 10 to 12 PSI.

Part #: G103
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The listed components are used with DIG’s micro sprinklers and foggers. The items include micro sprinkler heads, choice of easily interchangeable adapters, anti-leak devices, Press–fit adapters, micro tubing assemblies and more. Use these parts for a wide range of mounting options, for use in inverted position. These parts can snap together to create multiple variations to fit DIG’s micro sprinkler, fogger and micro sprayer systems used in greenhouses and residential applications.

By: Dlimenko, 12/25/12

This is 99% effective. Occasionally, you'll run into one or two which need replacement.