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18 GPH Micro Sprayer Body Assembly Only (Black nozzle)

18 GPH Micro Sprayer Body Assembly Only (Black nozzle)
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Part #: G418
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The micro sprayers can be used for propagation, humidification, cooling, and irrigation in an inverted position for seedling and cooling in greenhouses, hothouses and nurseries. The micro- sprayers can be connected upside down directly into the main lateral with the assembly that includes, anti-leak device model G102 or G103, micro tubing and weight assembly, model G112 to G114 or on 1/2" female thread base, model G111. Available with flow rates of 18 GPH (black nozzle).

  • Droplet Size: .0008", very fine at 35 PSI
  • Flow rate @ 30 PSI: 18 GPH (black nozzle) with up to 10' diameter
  • Mounting: stabilizer weight, anti-leak device, 12" or 24" and 36 " micro tube and barb
  • Nominal Flow: 30 PSI
  • Operating pressure: 25 to 45 PSI
  • Operating Pressure in Overlapping Irrigation: 35 PSI
  • Pattern: 360°
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Recommended layout : 2' to 6' above the bench
  • Recommended spacing between micro sprayers laterals: 3' to 4' apart
  • Recommended spacing between the micro sprayers: 3'
  • Trajectory Angle: Approximately 1°
  • Wetting diameter : up to 9' mounting 4' to 6' above ground
  • Color coded nozzles for flow rate identification
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Made of durable materials ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers for long-lived trouble free operation
  • Modular design allows for a wide range of interchangeable components
  • Recommended spacing 3' to 5' apart
  • Suitable for upright and inverted position