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Insect Proof Large Diameter Rotary Micro Sprinkler Assembly with 79 GPH

Insect Proof Large Diameter Rotary Micro Sprinkler Assembly with 79 GPH
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The large diameter 79 GPH, 360-degree micro sprinkler assembly with green nozzle is an insect proof micro sprinkler with a double stream rotary pattern and coverage of up to 48’ @ 35 PSI. When the spinner mechanism closes at the end of the irrigation cycle insects are prevented from entering the spinner. . This micro sprinkler is suited for irrigation under tree canopies, and for flowerbeds, seedlings and vegetable crops with 20’ x 20’ spacing in overlapping row irrigation. The fully assembled insect proof micro sprinkler comes with a spike, 24” micro tubing and barb.

Part #: MSA036
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The Drip Store’s micro sprinklers use different types of spinner mechanisms to achieve the distance and uniformity needed. The micro sprinklers use a spinner, and a nozzle that is usually mounted under the spinner and allows the spinner to rotate. When water passes thru the nozzle it rotates the spinner, which throws the water in a full circle to the diameter determined by the flow rate, pressure and the angle of the water leaving the spinner. For details on sprinkler performance see the specific micro sprinkler page.

When low volume overhead irrigation is desired for an area where drip emitters are not practical, the micro sprinklers can throw the water over a wide area and can be used to water under tree canopies, for seedlings, germination, flowerbeds, ground-cover, young saplings, mature trees, and in greenhouses and nurseries. The micro sprinklers range from small to large droplets and have a low flow application rate. One of the main features of the micro-sprinkler is that it can prevent plant stress by maintaining low water tension in the soil, using a low flow application rate. An additional feature of a micro sprinkler system is the range of application rates. Using micro sprinklers, application rates can vary widely from 0.05 inches/hour and up. Because there is a direct relationship between application rate and irrigation duration, there can also be a range in the duration of an irrigation cycle. For example, 8 minutes is required to apply 0.4 inches of water with an application rate of 3 inches/hour, while 8 hours is needed to apply the same amount at a rate of 0.05 inches/hour. This range of rates is readily available using micro-sprinklers.

  • Diameter of Coverage: 42' to 48'
  • Filter requirement: Up to 24 GPH 120 Mesh 24 GPH and up to 80 Mesh
  • Flow rate: 79 GPH
  • Operating pressure: 25 to 35 PSI
  • Pattern: Full Circle 360°
  • Available with anti-insect spinner that closes when irrigation cycle is complete
  • Complete assembly with spike, 24" micro tubing and barb
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Frame construction provides a complete 360-degree circle
  • Large water passage
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Trouble free operation even at low pressure