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Landscape Drip Pro

The Drip Store's Landscape drip irrigation system and supplies includes drip line, drip emitters, check valves and flush valves for below grade and above installation of drip irrigation system One of the main advantages of a drip irrigation installation over a conventional sprinkler installation is the design flexibility to adapt to any landscape layout above or below grade. This feature allows architects and contractors to customize an irrigation system to meet a specific need, yet still meet today’s irrigation requirements. The Drip Store provides two excellent lines of water-saving products designed for professional installation.

Excel™ series PC drip line is extruded linear low-density polyethylene drip line with cylindrical flow-regulated, self-flushing labyrinth, in-line emitters with built-in check valve or non-drain device, welded into the wall of the polyethylene tubing in a preset spacing. Each in-line drip emitter is built with a large filter along the cross section of the drip emitter to ensure that particles passing within the drip line will not enter the drip emitter labyrinth, ensuring trouble-free operation and a long life. Manufactured from the finest quality resins to ensure uniform emission for subsurface irrigation or above grade, the drip line is available with 12” and 18” spacing in two flow rates of .6 and 1 GPH.
The twelve-outlet PC drip emitter is an advanced pressure-compensating drip emitter used to retrofit a sprinkler riser into an efficient drip irrigation system. The twelve-outlet PC dip emitter’s round shaped manifold housing has a backup mini disc and twelve independent outlets, with each outlet containing a unique independent flow-regulated, self-flushing nozzle with a small inlet. The nozzles are available in flow rates of .5, 1, 2.2, and 3.3 gallon per hour (GPH), per outlet and are placed into the housing manifold inlet. The TOP™ twelve-outlet PC drip emitter has a 1/2” FNPT inlet and twelve ports that accept 1/8” vinyl or poly distribution tubing with .118 ID. The distribution tubing is inserted into any of the twelve outlets of the housing manifold and secured near the plant with a stabilizer stake. The TOP™ twelve-outlet pressure compensating drip emitter enables long runs with even water distribution from all outlets.