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Garden Tools

Bypass Pruners, clippers and saws Gardeners and growers are very selective when it comes to choosing the right cutting tool. Whether it is pruning a tree to give it back its intended beauty, trimming branches, picking fruits or reestablishing a hedge, the line of tools we have selected can assist you on the job. After trying low priced tools you might find you need a good tool to trim, prune or cut hard, woody stems or branches, and feel that it is the right time to invest in a good pair of hand pruners or clippers that can last for years. The Drip Store offers a line of quality pruners, clippers and saws from Zenport Industries, moderately priced, to provide our customers with tools for pruning damaged plants, small shrubs, and trees, as well as tools for picking a variety of fruits.

Bypass pruners are more expensive than anvil pruners and the cuts they make are cleaner, allowing the plant to recover quickly.
Anvil pruners have a single straight cutting blade that closes down on a flat edge or anvil (see our fruit clippers). Anvil pruners have a slicing action similar to a knife against a cutting board and work well removing tough, dead wood and for cutting fruit stems.
Make sure to clean your pruner, clippers or saw blades after each use. Take a clean cloth and wipe the tool clean, then use a small amount of rubbing alcohol for a final cleaning of the blades before you store the tool.