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Spot-Spitters, 160 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 9.6-13.2 GPH Color Green

Spot-Spitters, 160 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 9.6-13.2 GPH Color Green
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The green SPOT-SPITTER spray stick with flow rate of 9.6 to 13.2 GPH from the John Deere Water Product line is one of the most cost-effective, versatile solutions for your nursery watering application. Low cost and ease of installation have made this product line a favorite among nurseries and growers worldwide. With a wide range of flow rates and wetting patterns, and using specially sized 1/8” micro tubing, the right spray stick to fit your nursery application is easy to choose. This spray stick comes color-coded and with 90, 160, and 360-degree spray patterns, and the Drip Store includes all the components needed for installation.

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The SPOT-SPITTER spray stick controls water flow at the emitter stick, where it matters most. Other mini-sprayer sticks may require tedious, labor-intensive modifications of tubing and lengths to develop the flow characteristics desired. You can install the SPOT-SPITTER in seconds, selecting the proper flow rate and pattern and using the correct 1/8” micro tubing with the specified ID. Unlike other mini-sprayer sticks which tend to deform or break at the spray tip, the SPOT-SPITTER is made from premium UV-resistant resins, which resist tip damage and provide years of trouble-free operation in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Pot or box size suggestions:
• 90 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 2.4 -3.6 GPH Color Gray: for pots or boxes 6” to 8” in diameter
• 90 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 6.2 -9.1 GPH Color Brown: for pots or boxes 6” to 10” in diameter
• 160 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 3.6-4.8 GPH Color Orange: for pots or boxes 6” to 8” in diameter
• 160 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 4.8-6.3 GPH Color Lt Green: for pots or boxes 6” to 10” in diameter
• 160 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 9.6-13.2 GPH Color Green: for pots or boxes 8” to 10” in diameter
• 160 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 10.2-17.4 GPH Color Black: for pots or boxes 24” to 36” in diameter
• 360 Degree Spray Stick, Flow Rate 9.0-12.6 GPH Color Blue: for pots or boxes 36” to 48” in diameter

Note: the flow rate is achieved at a pressure rating of 15 to 25 PSI and using the 1/8” micro tubing with 0.125 ID x .0.187 OD.

By: jkubica, 03/24/15

I love these!! Great find

By: jhsnm, 06/05/11

Each spot spitter has a special purpose. The drak green 160 Degree spitter, Flow Rate 9.6-13.2 GPH works the best for us all around for 2-3 situations.

First we use them to give good coverage for planted seeds in rows until the seeds get their roots. Then we switch from spitters to emitters where the foliage is low to the ground. Where the plant stalks are tall with little foliage close to the ground, we just leave them in place the whole season.

Also they work well for things like asparagus where there is little foliage and it is always uncertain where the stalks will emerge.

We run two poly-tubes lines along the outer edges of beds and stagger these 160 spitters to point in toward the planted area. The coverage is perfect.

The dark green spitter works best for us as we are on rural well water. This flow rate distributed over only 160 degrees give a very even, strong spray. The light green 160 spitter does not put out enough water for our large outside beds but would work well for small beds or inside pots/boxes. The 360 blue spitters have about the same FR but the spray is weak. Occaissionally we also use the 90 Degree spitter with FR 2.4 -3.6 GPH at the end of a row/line where w plant flowers or herbs.

We use the

  • Droplet Size: Small
  • Filter requirement: Minimum of 120 Mesh
  • Flow rate: 9.6 to 13.2 GPH
  • Micro tubing size used : 1/8" with .125 ID x 0.187 OD (poly)
  • Operating pressure: 15 to 25 PSI
  • Pattern: 90°, 160° or 360°
  • Standard length stake: : 4.8"
  • Made of durable materials, ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers
  • SPOT-SPITTER is for use in pots, boxes or containers in nursery or home applications
  • The SPOT-SPITTER has a spray direction indictor
  • Trouble free operation even at low pressure

Installation for Spot Spitters

To install the SPOT-SPITTER use the suggested micro tubing with the correct ID and OD. To replace the spray stick, just pull it out of the micro tubing, and replace with a new head of the same color. Make sure to flush the line before inserting the new spray stick. No tool or glue is required.

To install the SPOT-SPITTER into the drip tubing lateral, first select the flow rate and the spray stick degree of coverage, then insert the spray stick into the 1/8” micro tubing. Next, punch a hole into the side of the drip tubing using a 4 mm punch, and then insert the micro tubing into the drip tubing.  No barb connector or other parts are needed.