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Goof Plugs, Strip of 10

Goof Plugs, Strip of 10
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The goof plugs are basic, common accessories used in the layout and installation of a micro irrigation system. The figure ”8” hose end is a simple part used to close the end of the drip tubing and the goof plug (with two different sized ends) is used to plug or repair holes in the drip tubing.

Part #: SF007
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The goof plug has a small and a large end to plug the end of 1/4" line or to plug a small hole in 1/2", 3/4" or 1" poly line. The goof plug is UV-resistant.

By: Don Schulz, 06/16/13

Leak free fix to change your mind or reuse tubing.

By: nico morice, 03/14/13


By: jscruggszoo, 08/22/11

You can never have too many goof plugs, and these are very strong and user-friendly. I am also using them as end caps to my 1/4" drip lines. The larger end is best when plugging holes in the poly main line.

By: kanode, 08/08/11

Order extra--these are not just for goofs.

Use them to replace drip emitters in 3/4" and 1/4" line when a plant or area no longer needs water.

By: rharris1951, 06/16/11

By: dva1946, 05/01/11

These are a very good item to have in your drip toolbox. We used a few on our 1st garden bed, but now we know more and don't need them very often. We will keep them in a safe place for future use as needed.

By: jhiegel, 04/29/11

Only used one so far!

  • Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
  • Used to close holes in the micro tubing and drip tubing or to close the end of the drip tubing
  • UV resistant, high impact plastic

Installation for Goof Plugs

Using the goof plug:

Use the goof plug to close holes when replacing drip emitters. It can also be used to close the hole made from a drip emitter. To use the goof plug, remove a goof plug from the strip of 10 and force the plug into the hole in the drip tubing or drip line