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2 Wire Six Station Battery Operated Controller with Rain Sensor Connection and without a Solenoid

2 Wire Six Station Battery Operated Controller with Rain Sensor Connection and without a Solenoid
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Designed for above the ground or below grade installation, the waterproof six-station battery operated controller with rain sensor connection is compatible with the 9 VDC solenoid valves (sold seperately). The controller's features include a waterproof housing, rain sensor connection, independent program for each valve, smaller size profile, large LCD display with AM/PM clock, four start times per day, watering duration from one minute to eleven hours and 59 minutes in one-minute increments, 7 day programming schedule or cyclical from 3 hours to 30 days, rain delay of up to 30 days and more. The two 9-volt alkaline batteries are not included.

Part #: C047
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Designed for single valve or for multi-valve installations for above the ground or below grade, the waterproof single station with rain sensor connection model C040 (DIG 710-000), the four station battery operated controller with rain sensor connection model C046 (DIG 740-000), and the six station version, model C047 (DIG 746-000), can power one to six valves utilizing 3/4” to 2” valves (models C051, C053, C054 and C055). Operating with a 9 VDC solenoid, the single station battery operated controller can operate one valve, while the four and six station battery operated controllers operate multiple valves. These controllers offer maximum flexibility for a full range of watering requirements, providing solutions for the automation and repair of existing solenoid valves in a wide range of irrigation applications.

The C040, C046, and C047 controllers have rain sensor connections, are waterproof, and are battery operated intended for use with model A025 9-VDC solenoid (DIG model R710DC). The single station controller with a solenoid can fit on many valves with 3/4" -20 threads and most Rain Bird valve using the adapter listed. The controllers can be programed to operate drip irrigation or sprinkler systems in residential, commercial or agricultural applications and can be used as a cost-effective repair for existing irrigation systems.

The controllers feature a large LCD display with four buttons to program and complete water proofing capability for use inside a valve box or above. Programming features include AM/PM clock, four start times per day, watering duration from one minute to eleven hours 59 minutes in one-minute increments. Also has both 7 day programming schedule or cyclical from 3 hours to 30 days, plus rain delay feature of up to 30 days. The controller's two nine-volt alkaline battery (sold seperately) can last up to one year.

Drip Store model A025 (DIG R710DC) is a magnetic latching, two color-coded wire solenoid not included with the C046 and C047 controllers. Solenoids (usually included with purchase of the valves) have two, 18” long wires, plus adapter with manual lever for easy on/off operation of the valve. The solenoid is a potted design to prevent water or other contaminants from entering the solenoid housing.

Using the A025, these controllers can be mounted on other brand name valves using the appropriate threaded adapter available (see list of valves).

Model #: A240 (DIG # 30-999) used with BERMAD 200, HIT, 200, 300, 500, DOROT, 80, GRISWOLD 2000, IRRITROL , 100, 200B, 205, 217B, 700, 2400, 2500, 2600, TORO, 220, P220 and 252 1.5” and 2", SUPERIOR 950 and HUNTER HBV.

Model#: A230 (DIG # P00-996) used with RAIN BIRD DV, DVF, PGA, PEB, 3/4” and 1” valves only, GB, EFB-CP, BPE, PE

  • Dimensions: Controller with valve, 3/4" and 1”: 8" W x 7.5 L x 3 7/8" H
  • Materials: Controller: Body - ABS, Inner parts - Acetal , Solenoid inner metal parts: stainless steel
  • Power draw: .2 amp per cycle
  • Power source: 18 Volt DC (two 9-volt alkaline batteries not included)
  • Solenoid: Adaptor thread 3/4"-20 thread UNES-2A , Dry latching
  • Temperature range: 38 to 130 F
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation
  • Battery life up to one year
  • Digital display blinking indicates low battery
  • Digital icon indicates station in operation
  • Easy to read AM/PM clock
  • Four button keypad with an integrated liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Frequency choices of a 7 day weekly schedule or intervals of every 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and every day to 30 days
  • Independent programming for each valve (six station)
  • Irrigation can be suspended via the controller to prevent unnecessary irrigation during rainy weather (rain mode)
  • Non corrosive materials
  • Normally closed
  • Program stored up to 20 seconds during battery change
  • Rain delay up to 30 days
  • Rain sensor connection included with each model
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Up to four start times per day per valve
  • Use for pulse irrigation when controlled amount of water and nutrition’s can be applied through the day
  • Use with A205 solenoid and two adapters to fit many of the brand name valves in the market
  • Water budget up to 95% in 5% increments
  • Watering duration from one minute to twelve hours in one minute increments
  • Withstands harsh climatic conditions, completely waterproof