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Brass & PVC type Spring Supported Check Valves

Brass & PVC type Spring Supported Check Valves

Category: Check Valves

Available ModelsPartPrice
A033 : 3/4 in.  FNPT x  3/4 in.  MNPT PVC Check Valve
3/4" FNPT x 3/4" MNPT PVC Check Valve A033$9.69 ea.
A310 : 1 in.  Brass Check Valve, Lead Free
1" Brass Check Valve, Lead FreeA310$11.03 ea.

The one-way check valve from Agrifim is a one way valve used to stop backflow and siphoning in the installation of any type of irrigation system. The check valve allows the water to move in one direction and prevents backflow when pressure in the irrigation system drops.

  • Available
    • A033, A300, A305 : 3/4" FNPT x MNPT
  • Color
    • A033, A300, A305 : White
  • Materials
    • A033, A300, A305 : PVC
    • A033, A300, A305 : Seat: EPDM
    • A033, A300, A305 : Spring: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum incoming operating pressure
    • A033, A300, A305 : 150 PSI
  • Maximum working temperature
    • A033, A300, A305 : 130 degree F
  • Available sizes: 3/4", 1” and 1-1/2”
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Fits all standard faucet or pipe thread
  • High-strength ABS construction for durability
  • Low friction loss
  • Mounting position: horizontal or vertical
  • Non corrosive materials
  • Positive seal with no back pressure
  • Positive shutoff