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3/4" Brass Check Valve, Lead Free

3/4 in.  Brass Check Valve, Lead Free
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The one-way 3/4"" Brass type FNPT check valve Aqualine (CVI-100-LF) is a one way valve used to stop back-flow and siphoning in the installation of any type of irrigation system. The check valve allows the water to move in one direction and prevents back-flow when pressure in the irrigation system drops.

Part #: A315
$7.76 ea.

The one-way check valve can be used in any place, downhill with spas and swimming pools. Designed for any system where back-flow is not desirable, the check valve’s 1/2-pound spring gives a positive seal with no back pressure. Used for industrial and irrigation application, this device complies with all applicable ASTM and ANSI codes.