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3 Zone 1” Manifold Assembly with 3/4" Control Valve (9 VDC) and Flow Control

3 Zone 1” Manifold Assembly with 3/4 in.  Control Valve (9 VDC) and Flow Control
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The 3 zone valve manifold is assembled with 3, 3/4" DC in-line valves with flow control. The four 3/4" in line valves include flow control and 9 VDC solenoid with manual bleed. This DC valve manifold has a 1” FNPT swivel inlet with 3/4" outlet and is used with our model C046 four-station battery operated controllers. The manifold has quick connection swivel fittings with "O" rings for easy and quick installation. The unit features include easy maintenance of the unit and no tools or glue required in the installation. Large swivel cap allows for easy assembly of the swivel fitting inlet into a 1” MNPT male pipe thread, and provides the ability to maintain, repair and add additional valves for above or below grade installation.

Part #: VA051
$135.76 ea.

The 3 zone valve manifold can be used as a building block for a 3 zone irrigation system that can be operated by our four station battery operated controller model C046 with rain sensor connection. The valve manifold configuration includes a 1” swivel female thread with O-ring on the inlet side, a 1” cap ending the manifold, 1” x 3/4” nipples connected into each of the 1” swivel manifolds, a 3/4" inline valve with FNPT connected into each nipple assembled together. The valve manifold can be expanded to any number of valves required for an irrigation system within the space inside the valve box.

The 1” manifold features include 9 VDC high flow 3/4" control valves with flow control and manual lever, a swivel fitting with a large swivel cap for quick connection and a 1” cap, allowing the user to maintain, repair or add additional valves with no tools or glue.

To make this manifold suitable for a drip irrigation system, add into the 3/4" outlet of each valve a 3/4" filter with 155-mesh, model F303. To the filter connect a 25-PSI pressure regulator model A014, and to the pressure regulator connect a 3/4" swivel adapter model LF011. Into the swivel adapter connect the drip tubing with .700 OD.

If used for a drip system, the 3 and 4 valve manifold assemblies can have up to 12 GPM (720 GPH) per each valve. If each valve is used only with one lateral of 1/2" drip tubing, the maximum flow per a lateral is 220 GPH.

  • Body Styles: globe valve
  • Manifold size : 1” with female swivel thread
  • Manifold operating pressure: : 10 to 120 PSI
  • Manifold thread: inlet and outlet female swivel pipe threads (FNPT)
  • Materials: Body and swivel: polypropylene with UV, Diaphragm: nylon fabric reinforced polyisoprene (NR) , Metal parts and screws: stainless steel 304, O-ring: nitril rubber, Valve body and cover: glass reinforced nylon
  • Power source: 9 Volt DC (one 9-volt alkaline battery not included)
  • Solenoid: Dry latching , with manual override
  • Solenoid thread: 3/4" - 20
  • Valve flow rate: 1": .2 to 35 GPM
  • Valve size: 3/4"
  • 24" solenoid wire with waterproof connection to the controller
  • 7 day programming schedule or 1-30 day intervals
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Battery life up to one year
  • Ease of Installation The system can be installed without special tools or glue, and with limited knowledge, making the installation a very simple process.
  • Easy in-line maintenance
  • Easy to read AM/PM clock
  • Flow control handle adjusts water flow as needed.
  • High flow with low pressure loss
  • Inlet and outlet female swivel pipe threads (FNPT).
  • Manual bleed for on/off operation
  • Powered by one 9 volt alkaline battery
  • Rugged, with reinforced and supported self-cleaning diaphragm that provides reliable operation even with dirty water
  • Smooth valve opening and closing prevents pressure surge hazards
  • Water budget from 5-95% in 5% increments
  • Watering duration from one minute to eleven hours and 59 minutes in one minute increments
  • Withstands harsh climatic conditions, completely waterproof

Installation for Valve Manifolds

Example: A valve manifold starting from a 1” PVC pipe:

1.      Glue to the PVC pipe a PVC adapter with 1” MPT

2.      Connect a swivel manifold with 1, 2, 3 or 4 outlets depending on the number of valves in the manifold.

3.      To the outlet side of the valve with the swivel connect a PVC male adapter

4.      Glue the PVC pipe to the male adapter

5.      Turn the water on and flush the line

6.      Close the end of the manifold using the end cap (model SWF006, sold separately)

7.      Pressurize the system and make sure that water is not leaking from the unit or any part along the line. Test the assembly manually and then automatically via the controller, and then program the controller.

Note: Make sure that the water flow direction matches for each component, if any is in line with the water flow. Use Teflon Tape only with the PVC male adapter and make sure to remove all Teflon tape excess.

Valve Manifold, 3-way swivel manifold