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5.25" Avoacado Picker, , Zenport Model H325

5.25 in.  Avoacado Picker, , Zenport Model H325 Zenport Model H325

5.25" Avocado Fruit Clipper, Zenport model H325 The Avocado clippers from Zenport Industries are made of forged stainless steel and used primarily by growers for harvesting avocado. This Avocado clipper tool is designed for rapid, high volume harvesting of avocado and is also used by growers for harvesting other fruits. The avocado clipper has an anvil cutting action with the two sharp blades cutting against each other’s faces, as opposed to a bypass cut where the two blades of a scissors cut past each other

Part #: TL130

Harvesting avocado fruit presents the challenge of first reaching the fruit and then finding ways to harvest it without damaging the fruit skin.
Avocado fruits can dangle from a tree 20 to 40 feet up and the fruit drop only when they become overripe. The avocado stem is tough and hard to break. Commercial growers use avocado clippers such as Zenport H325 and bags to catch the avocados. The bags cushion the fruits and keep them from bruising. Pulling the fruits from stems can leave holes in the fruit skin and making the fruits vulnerable to rot. The commercial growers harvest the fruit close to fruit tops using the hand clippers.

The California avocado industry recognizes that fruit quality plays an increasingly important role in the competitive avocado marketplace and therefore requires critical attention. Growers and marketers have always associated fruit quality with clip harvesting to provide high quality fruits. The clipping motion is such that the blade fits into the stem close to the fruit skin, cutting the stem off as close to the fruit as possible without damage to the fruit. The leather strap attached to the clipper allows the picker to attach the tool to his finger instead of putting the clipper down after each use.

Length: 5.25 inches
Weight: XX ounces
Leather strap included