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Zenport Industries Model S330C 13" Saw with Curved, Tri-Edge Blade

Zenport Industries Model S330C 13 in.  Saw with Curved, Tri-Edge Blade

The Zenport Industries model S330C 13" (330 mm) saw features a curved, tri-edge blade and an ABS pistol grip handle with rubber coating and thumb support for comfort. This Japanese style blade is designed to cut on the push as well as on the pull stroke. This model is a top quality saw for rapid cutting of thick branches. The razor-sharp tri-edge blade cuts extremely fast and offering minimal resistance. This is the model used by professional arborists

Part #: TL140

• Hole at the end of handle for convenient hanging
• Japanese style steel blades for quality cutting edges
• Each tooth has triple cut blades for push and pull cutting
• The saw tri-cut teeth cut quickly and cleanly
• Offset teeth provide smooth cutting without binding
• Curved blade provides a better stroke so can cut more with fewer strokes
• Comfortable ABS handle with rubber layer for easy grip and less chance of slipping
• The blade is replaceable by removing only two bolts
• The 13” blade means more cut per stoke, speeding up the cutting job
• For cutting medium to large branches

Notes and cautions:
• Blade is very sharp so handle it with care and keep it out of reach of children
• Inspect the saw before you use it and do not use if any part looks damaged
• Cut in the direction away from yourself or others near by
• Highly recommended to wear protective eye glasses when using the saw