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Zenport Industries Model SF210 8.5" Folding Pruning Saw

Zenport Industries Model SF210 8.5 in.  Folding Pruning Saw

The Zenport Industries model SF210 8.5" (210mm) saw features a tri-edge folding blade and a grip handle with rubber coating for comfort. The *impulse hardening teeth are sharp and durable for a wide range of uses. This Japanese style blade is designed to cut on the pull stroke only. This model is a top quality saw for rapid cutting of thick branches. This model is great for pruning, camping, fishing, climbing, and hunting and can be used for emergency if needed. The razor-sharp tri-edge blade cuts extremely fast and offering minimal resistance. This is the model used by professional arborists. This saw can fit into a big pocket or holster when folded.

Part #: TL160

• Hole at the end of handle for convenient hanging
• Japanese style steel blades for quality cutting edges
• Each tooth is impulse hardening
• Comfortable handle with rubber layer for easy grip and less chance of slipping
• The blade is replaceable by removing only one bolt
• For cutting medium to large branches and for other uses or applications

Notes and cautions:
• Blade is very sharp so handle it with care and keep it out of reach of children
• Inspect the saw before you use it and do not use if any part looks damaged
• Cut in the direction away from yourself or others near by
• Highly recommended to wear protective eye glasses when using the saw

*Impulse hardening is the modern method of creating a saw
blade with a long working life.
The cutting edge is heated for 0.003~0.005 seconds by applying a electrical current at 27.12MHz.
This creates a shock wave on the surface of the each tooth that hardens it to Hv900~1200.
Made in Taiwan