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SuperNet Flow Regulated Micro-Sprinkler Assembly with 18.5 GPH Black Nozzle, Netafim Model 031210700301E

SuperNet Flow Regulated Micro-Sprinkler Assembly with 18.5 GPH Black Nozzle, Netafim Model 031210700301E Netafim Model 031210700301E
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The Netafim SuperNet flow regulated insect proof micro sprinklers with 18.5 GPH (Black nozzle) up to 23' diameter at 20 to 50 PSI is completely assembled with heavy duty stake, micro tubing and barb. The micro sprinkler designed to achieve a consistent flow rate in areas with pressure fluctuations and in difficult topography. The flow regulated micro sprinkler has a floating silicon diaphragm with a large water passage to regulate flow, and large water passage to keep particles from entering the nozzle. The flow regulated micro sprinkler’s frame is constructed with a double bridge ensuring a strong construction for better operation.

Part #: MSA212
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Netafim SuperNet Pressure Regulated Micro-Sprinkler features an EverSpin, Sapphire Bearing, as the toughest, hardest, longest-life sprinkler bearing on the market. This precision manufactured bearing crafted out of a sapphire material - one of the hardest surfaces known - has been added to the bearing of the sprinkler at the point where the swivel’s pin meets the bearings surface wear-point, reduce friction wear and promoting long-lasting sprinkler performance.

The SuperNet is available with options that make it adaptable to almost any application. A drop-down, "bug-proof" spinner prevents insect entry. Quick-connect thread base is convenient for new installations, but excellent for replacing older sprinklers.

• Wide regulating range
• Maintains uniform flow across broad pressure range
• Patented pressure differential technology with floating, self flushing diaphragm
• Unique nozzle design prevents negative effects of varying inlet pressure on the micro sprinkler soaked diameter
• Long-term reliable uniformity
• The largest water passages on the market – resists clogging
• Drop down "bug-proof" spinner prevents entry of insects
• Engineering-grade materials and heavy-duty bearing results in superior endurance
• EverSpin bearing has a layer of sapphire material
• Reduces friction and wear, promoting long-lasting sprinkler performance
• Keeps the swivel centered during operation and improves start-up

For orchard, vineyard and nursery micro sprinkler installations where flow regulation and insect resistance is desired.