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3/4" Female Hose Thread (FHT) Adapter with Screen x 1/4" Compression

3/4 in.  Female Hose Thread (FHT) Adapter with Screen x 1/4 in.  Compression
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The ¾” female hose thread x ¼” compression adapter is used as part of a drip system connection to a faucet or any hose thread that used the ¼” micro tubing as the main line. This adapter can be used with ¼” micro tubing only to water potted plants, boxes and containers, connecting the ¼” micro tubing directly to a hose thread to start a drip irrigation system.

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The hose thread adapter with screen washer makes the transition from a faucet with a filter and a pressure regulator to a 1/4" vinyl micro tubing with .245 OD to .250 OD.

* Recommended operating pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
* Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
* Used with 1/4" micro tubing with .245 to .250 OD

By: stokesrb22, 07/02/15

Very Good supplier, prompt shipping.

  • Operating pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
  • Recommended pressure: 60 PSI