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DIG Corporation 3/4" Hose End Battery Timer

DIG Corporation 3/4 in.  Hose End Battery Timer

The C001(model 9001D)is a 3/4" FHT x MHT digital hose end timer with four start time per day from Dig Corporation. The hose end timer has a wide range of features and offers a reliable, cost effective solution for residential uses. One of the main features of this digital hose end timer is the maximum flow rate of 5.2 GPM at 30 PSI, allowing to automate a drip irrigation system with up to 312, 1 GPH drip emitter in one time. We recommend installing the unit directly to the faucet.

Part #: C001
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The C001 (DIG 9001) 3/4" hose end timer with LCD display and flow of up to 5.2 GPM or 312 gallons per hour is DIG Corporation and The Drip Store’s best selling hose end timer. This easy to use and program hose end timer has a female hose thread inlet with a screen and a male hose thread outlet.

This user friendly hose end timer can be connected to a faucet or to the end of a garden hose. The unit uses 1- 9-volt alkaline battery that can last from one to two years. The C001 hose end timer is simple to program using six programming buttons.

The left button is used only for a rain off or system shutoff and the button on the right are used for manual on/off. The four buttons are used to program the unit. Use our hose end timer to run a drip or sprinkler system for your garden or for a green roof garden.

By: Crothey, 06/18/14

By: Bagyam, 05/26/14

By: EarlSenchuk, 08/24/13

I have purchased more than a half dozen of the C001 hose end timers since 2005 when I first started creating Living Tree Art. I am now teaching how to make LTA through a webinar program and have been recommending the C001 and system associated products to my students. The 8-10 foot or taller Living Tree Art trees cost in the vicinity of $3K and some are displayed in prominent locations. Dependability is a major factor. This year I purchased two because the first one failed, and now the second. I read in one of your reviews that you admitted to and corrected the problem with your parts supplier. The programmable watering system has worked so well for so long that I'm willing to give the C001 and system one more try.

By: kro1214, 07/27/13

I am very upset. I researched water timers on line and many had bad reviews. I read about the Dig and ordered from the Drip Store b/c I could call and physically talk with a person. I asked the person where the timer was made and he stated in CA. I specifically said I do not want a timer made in China and asked again as I haven't seen any timers made in the USA. He stated this timer was made right here in CA. I received the timer yesterday and it states "Made in China." I am so frustrated I haven't even opened it. In my opinion, this is very deceptive. I'm not sure what to do now b/c if I return it, I pay the postage both ways.

The Drip Store ~ response by: Cameron, 08/06/13

We apologize for any confusion regarding the timer model C001.  We at The Drip Store purchase items from a variety of USA manufacturers, and although we are familiar with our high quality vendors, we aren't always updated with the exact sources from which those vendors have procured their materials.  After contacting our manufactuer, we found that this unit contains pieces made in Israel and China, then it's assembled, branded, and packaged in the USA.  We would encourage this customer to contact our store, and, due to our oversight, we would be happy send a return postage label for return of the item. 

By: Vanessa, 07/13/13

This timer broke (display went blank even with fresh battery) after just a few weeks of regular use and normal weather exposure.

The Drip Store ~ response by: Cameron, 08/06/13

Model C001 (DIG model 9001D) is underwritten by a three year factory warrantee against defects.  This customer is eligible for a replacement timer and we encourage them to contact our friendly representatives for more information. 

By: prajendran, 06/09/12

Battery operated timers are great when they work. They let you program multiple on/off cycles and skip days. Some even let you attach a rain sensor to skip rainy days.

Unfortunately, I've had Melnor, Rainbird & Vigaro timers fail after 2 seasons. This DIG is on it's third season. I have 2 Claber timers, and they're terrific but they're not cheap. We're reverted to the mechanical, wind-up, $20 timers. It's easy enough to set each zone for the duration you need, and walk away. Manual, yes, but effective.

By: mschabb, 03/16/12

Great unit, except for a huge design flaw: the plastic sleeve/swivel that carries the female hose adapter is extremely fragile. If you attach it to something rigid (like a faucet) and put any side pressure on it (like while connecting anything to the outflow end) the sleeve cracks and then the controller is completely useless. It broke immediately upon installation. I'm returning it and replacing with a C000 model, which looks like it has more robust options for connection.

The Drip Store ~ response by: Cameron, 04/12/12

This model digital timer does contain a plastic, hose thread swivel adaptor which is not designed to support weights higher than that of any standard head unit assembly.

By: rharris1951, 06/16/11

By: wineonthevine, 07/23/09

I have 4 of these timers some as old as 4 years. I have not had any trouble with them they are great. Dig is such a great company they carry parts for all their hose end timers and as a consumer you can order direct from them. or search for Dig. I have a old one from them that is at least 10 years old and I was able to get parts for it. I have done the research and you cannot find a hose end controller from another company that is in the same ball game. If you need a hose end timer look no further......

By: grg144, 05/18/09

I have had one of these for at least 5 years and only this year did I have to apply some contact cleaner and replace the battery connector. Very reliable and sturdy. I am subtracting one rating grade because the programming is only by days of the week and you cannot choose to irrigate every two days, three days, etc.

By: wms_john, 03/19/09

I have used this timer for a few years and have had no problem. Getting ready to start another season soon.

By: schnurrp, 05/20/08

I have installed five of these in the last year without a bit of trouble. A good product at a good price.

By: cbritman, 05/16/08

I have tried several Orbit timers for my drip system and none seemed to work for more than a few weeks. I bought one of these DIG units about 3 years ago and it still works like clockwork. Does what you ask it to do and doesn't eat batteries. It stands up under the Arizona sun and that is a true test in my opinion. I'm about to buy another one for another driip segment in my lawn.

By: dncgfthr1, 10/22/07

Absolutely 5 stars. I've used drip systems for almost 20 years and timers have come and gone quickly. This is, by far, the best I've ever used and also the easiest to program!!!

By: davidbroz, 06/25/07

Great Timer. Much better than any timers I could find at the National home improvement stores. Good for drip irrigation (can do times of as little as 1 minute, and has 4 run times per day. It would also be good for a sprinkler.

VERY EASY to program, nice design. Uses a 9v battery, besure you have one available.

By: Kevin Kasprzyk, 03/29/07

This thing is absolutely incredible! Just program it and forget it. Easy to use and dead accurate…

By: George Lumis, 11/09/06

Absolutely wonderful timer, we have several, seldom a problem...and then easy to fix. Very dependable!

By: ron kolarovic, 06/15/06

Works great. Easy to program and operate.

By: Joseph McCormick, 05/20/06

I'm very happy with this timer (9001D). I have them on three separate systems where they have worked perfectly for over four years. A good quality 9V battery lasts well over a year. Easy to program and works perfectly - easier to program than other brands I've used. No leaks around the connectors.

I just broke one of them by accidently hitting it (hard!) with a trash can and replaced it with a spare kept on hand for just such problems. Now, I need to buy another one to replace my spare and I won't even consider changing brands.

By: Rich Rinkevich, 04/23/06

I bought this timer last year and it did not work. I tried it for over a week and it would never activate at the programmed time. I returned it and went with a different brand, Melnor, that I bought at a local 'big box' store for $25. It worked the first time and every time.

The Drip Store ~ response by: Cameron, 04/12/12

The Drip Store offers technical support for those who might be having difficulty programing a digital timer for the first time.

By: Cameron De Maris, 01/29/06

I think this timer is very good. I had it for 2 years and I really like it.

By: Gregg Robertson, 05/08/04

I have been using this for two years. Easy to program and very flexible. A good buy for the money.

  • Available: 3/4" FHT with screen X 3/4" MHT
  • Dimensions: Controller 6" W x 4" D x 6 1/2" H
  • Materials: Controller: Body - ABS, Inner parts - Acetal
  • Operating pressure: 10 to 80 PSI
  • Power source: 9 Volt DC (one 9-volt alkaline battery not included)
  • Solenoid: Mechanism: Durable Electric Motor
  • Temperature range: 38 to 130 F
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Battery life up to one year
  • Emergency backup program of 5 minutes every 24 hours if no buttons are pressed within 10 minutes after battery installation
  • Four start times per day
  • Irrigation suspension override (rain mode)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Manual irrigation cycle via the controller or the valve
  • Seven day schedule calendar
  • Six buttons with LCD display
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Watering duration from one minute to eleven hours and 59 minutes in one minute increments
  • Weather resistant