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21” Clip Stake

21” Clip Stake
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Used to secure the position of a button drip emitter near the plant area or to secure the 1/8” or 1/4" micro tubing with drip emitter within a box or basket. Constructed of UV-resistant high impact plastic.

Part #: S021
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The 21" clip stake is used to extend a micro sprinkler or micro sprayer with 10/32 thread above the plant area. A length of 1/4" micro tubing can be used to clip into the stake, and the micro sprinkler, mister or micro jet can be inserted at the end of the micro tubing. A 1/4" barb can be inserted into the other end and then inserted into the drip tubing. Constructed of UV-resistant high impact plastic.

By: prajendran, 05/18/11

These weren't available when I first setup my microsprinklers. With the stake buried about 8", there's still enough above ground for the sprinkler head to be above most flower beds. The 1/4" tube snaps into 2 notches but I would probably still tie-wrap it at the top to keep the sprinkler head from rotating.

  • Use the flow controlled stakes with drip emitter model BG-010, 020 and 050 and with the multi outlet adapter model GB-10U or GB-40U :
  • Available in metal or plastic in two colors
  • For secure and easy installation of 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" micro tubing, distribution tubing, 1/4" drip line and drip tubing
  • Heavy duty and rugged stakes design for a wide range of layouts and applications
  • Use to extend or hold the micro tubing near the plants or secure 1/4" and 1/2" to the ground
  • UV resistant, high impact plastic