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Figure “8” Hose End for 1/2” Drip Tubing

 Figure “8” Hose End for 1/2” Drip Tubing
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The figure ”8” hose ends are basic, common accessories used in the layout and installation of a micro irrigation system. The figure ”8” hose end is a simple part used to close the end of the drip tubing.

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The figure "8" hose end for 1/2” drip tubing is used in the installation of a drip irrigation system using 1/2" drip tubing or drip line. The figure “8” hose end offers a quick and easy way to securely close off the end of the 1/2" poly drip line after the drip tubing has been flushed.

By: Dave Matson, 05/14/14

By: Don Schulz, 06/16/13

Installs easy, secure no-leak termination.

By: mal0913, 05/05/13

By: Messoid, 08/22/12

Cheap solution to caping the ends of your lines off. Not the best looking solution, but fool proof and effective.

By: kdrury, 07/12/12

By: mmorgan46, 02/27/12

By: DAVID BEEM, 06/30/11

By: rharris1951, 06/16/11

By: dva1946, 05/01/11

These are great. Very inexpensive, and easy to use. We also use end caps, but probably should just use these guys.

By: Aquia33, 09/12/06

Great hose end. I use it for those low er lying areas that need draining in the winter, just slip up the "8", drain, and slip back in place. No fuss.

By: Roger Daisley, 06/06/06

Quick and easy ... works as stated. An inexpensive way to terminate a line. Recommended.

  • Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
  • The figure“8” hose end is available in three sizes, 1/2", 3/4" and 1”
  • Used to close holes in the micro tubing and drip tubing or to close the end of the drip tubing
  • UV resistant, high impact plastic

Installation for Hose Ends

Using figure “8” hose end:  Insert the end of the drip tubing into one side of the figure "8" hose end. To close the end of the drip tubing or drip line, bend the drip tubing and insert the drip tubing end into the other side of the figure "8" for a hose end configuration. Bottom of Form