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Drip Emitters

Point source drip emitters for accurate drip irrigation applications When high quality drip emitters designed to meet the varied application requirements of home landscapes, agriculture, greenhouses and nurseries are required, The Drip Store is the right place to shop. Our wide range of drip emitters, designed and developed by top name manufacturers including, Antelco, DIG Corp, John Deere Water, Netafim Irrigation, NDS and others, provides for the application of irrigation under any variety of field conditions. Accurate, reliable, and easy to install, these drip emitters may be inserted directly into the 1/2 inch drip tubing or connected into and extended on 1/4 inch micro tubing.

If you are shopping for a drip irrigation system that requires drip emitters such as button drip emitters, self-piercing PC drip emitters, pressure compensating drip emitters, take apart drip emitters, flag drip emitters, adjustable drip emitters, multi-outlet drip emitters, vortex drip emitters, online drip emitters or any brand name drip emitters, The Drip Store has them all. Welcome to The Drip Store, the largest supplier of drip irrigation components.

The Drip Store's variety of drip emitters incorporates three different operating characteristics including a wide range of advanced pressure compensating drip emitters, button and flag turbulent flow drip emitters and a range of adjustable flow drip emitters.

Our PC drip emitters can be used for a wide range of applications including landscapes, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards and vines. Our line of outstanding flow regulating PC drip emitters will discharge the same amount of water within a range of pressures (example: John Deere SUPRTIP PC drip emitter is rated at 1 GPH between 8 to 50 PSI). Another key feature of certain PC drip emitters is self-flushing mode - during start up and shutdown the drip emitters flush themselves automatically as pressure builds up or goes down. This feature equates to a longer life span and better constant flow during the lifetime of the emitters. Use these agriculture grade drip emitters to ensure even and consistent flow of water from each drip emitter along the line regardless of water pressure, elevation and any pressure fluctuation in the laterals.

The non-compensating button drip emitters we provide are designed to discharge a particular amount of flow at a preset pressure from as low as 15 PSI to as high as 25 PSI; in other words, the higher the pressure, the more flow the drip emitter will discharge and the lower the pressure, the less flow the drip emitter will discharge. We recommend using this range of drip emitters with a 15, 20 or 25 PSI pressure regulator. Some of these drip emitters use a labyrinth design, turbulent flow pattern that provides good uniformity over short distances of drip line, and with no elevation differences along the line. The non PC drip emitters are less expensive than the PC drip emitters and are suggested for use on sites with flat terrain, for short distances and for gravity feed systems.

The adjustable drip emitters we provide are available mounted on a stake with a 1/4 inch barbed outlet or with a 1/4 inch barb. The flow of the adjustable drip emitters ranges from as low as 0-flow to as high as 10 GPH. This range of drip emitters has a stream pattern and is available in a 360 degree or 180 degree pattern. The 180 and 360-degree flow pattern cap produces a gentle stream pattern that can be adjusted from small to large coverage by rotating the drip emitter cap. The main disadvantage of this range of drip emitters is the adjustable feature that can lower the system irrigation uniformity when installed on a small sized pipe like the 1/2 inch drip tubing.