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Micro Sprinklers

The Drip Store's micro sprinklers and micro sprayers system and supplies Micro sprinklers, micro sprayers, spray jets, misters and foggers are available in a variety of styles and configurations and, like drip-emitters, operate at low-pressure from as low as 15 PSI to as high as 50 PSI. Micro sprinklers, spray jets, micro sprayers and misters can throw the water over a wide area, when low volume overhead irrigation is desired and for areas where drip emitters are not practical. The micro sprinklers, micro sprayers, spray jets and misters are rated by flow rate, wetting diameter or radius, and the spray method (moving parts versus non-moving parts). Like conventional sprinklers, micro sprinklers and micro sprayers are available in full circle, half circle, quarter circle and strip pattern. The Drip Store’s range of micro sprinklers, micro sprayers, micro jets and misters are available with a flow rate range from a low flow of 5 GPH up to the 70 GPH, and with diameter from 3' up to 40' diameters. The micro sprinklers and micro sprayers have small to medium sized droplets and good uniformity of coverage with low precipitation rate, allowing longer watering time with less runoff.

Like micro sprinklers, micro sprayers and misters operate at low pressure and require a filter to protect the small orifice of the sprayer from clogging. Micro sprayers and misters have no moving parts and produce small sized droplets with low precipitation rates. The Drip Store has a range of micro sprayers and misters used for agriculture, nurseries, greenhouses, landscapes, and home gardens. Micro sprayers are used extensively in agriculture for orange and almond groves using one micro sprayer per tree and under the tree canopy. Micro sprayers and misters are rated by flow rate and wetting diameter or radius. The Drip Store’s selection from various manufacturers is available in flow rates from 7 GPH up to 30 GPH.

Using micro sprinklers or micro sprayers, application rates can vary widely, from 0.05 inches/hour up to 6 inches/hour. Because there is a direct relationship between application rate and irrigation duration, there can also be a range in the duration to complete an irrigation cycle. For example, 8 minutes is required to apply 0.4 inch of water on a wetted area with an application rate of 3 inches/hour, while 8 hours is needed to apply the same amount at a rate of 0.05 inch/hour. This range of rates is readily available with micro-sprinklers today.