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DIG Corporation Battery Operated Controller with Inline Valve

DIG Corporation Battery Operated Controller with Inline Valve
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All parts included for either 3/4" hose thread or pipe thread

Part #: C000
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The C000 (DIG 7001) single station battery operated controller with flow rate of up to 28 GPM or 1680 GPH from DIG has a 3/4" FNPT in-line valve.

This controller includes two additional adapters to convert the battery operated controller’s 3/4" valve pipe thread into a hose thread with female hose thread inlet and male hose thread outlet. For residential and light commercial application, for sprinkler or drip systems and for use above ground installation this high flow user friendly battery operated controller features a large LCD display with six buttons for programming.

The controller uses one, nine-volt alkaline battery that can last from one to two years. This controller can be used in any location and can be connected into a PVC pipe using a male pipe thread adapter or to a faucet/ hose bib using the hose thread fittings included.

By: tmctigue, 06/18/12

This is a nice unit for a home garden. Simple to install, program and operate.

By: dunecrane, 05/19/12

I have two of these, and they work great. They are the only part of the system I take inside during the winter. Easy to set up, and equally easy to adjust. I do recommend replacing the fittings between the faucet and controller body with brass ones. I did this just this past week, and all leaks are gone. Prior to that, I was getting leaking from that fitting on both controllers no matter how much teflon tape I used, or how much I tightened them (kinda limited there with plastic). Total cost of the brass fittings, about $7 per controller.

By: Kenneth Duffield, 05/17/04

I love this controller. I bought another home (one time before I had the same situation) with a full irrigation system but all manual valves. The previous owners must have liked puttering but I knew for me it would mean dead landscaping. I could have bought a central unit, valves and spend time hooking it all up wires and all. With these valves I've replaced the manual valves and have an automated system. Granted not as sophisticated and a central unit but I didn't have to mount the control unit in my house, drill holes in the wall and run wire all over the yard.

This is my second time utilizing these valves and I can't say enough about how satisfied I am. This model is a big improvement over the previous on because it is easier to program. My grass is also green.

  • Flow rate: 1 to 28 GPM
  • Materials: Controller: Body - ABS, Inner parts - Acetal , Diaphragm: nylon fabric reinforced polyisoprene (NR) , Metal parts and screws: stainless steel 303, Solenoid inner metal parts: stainless steel , Valve body and cover: glass reinforced nylon
  • Operating pressure: 10 to 125 PSI
  • Power source: 9 Volt DC (one 9-volt alkaline battery not included)
  • Solenoid: Adaptor thread 3/4"-20 thread UNES-2A , Dry latching
  • Temperature range: 38 to 130 F
  • Valve size: 3/4" FNPT inlet and outlet
  • Valve temperature: Up to 180 degree F
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation
  • Battery life up to one year
  • Choice of hose thread to pipe thread fitting included in the box
  • Controller can be detached via 18" coiled cable for easy programming
  • Easy to read AM/PM clock
  • Easy to use manual start/stop button via the controller
  • Emergency backup program of 5 minutes every 24 hours if no buttons are pressed within 10 minutes after battery installation
  • Four start times per day in a weekly mode
  • Frequency choices of a 7 day weekly schedule or intervals of every 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and every day to 30 days
  • Irrigation suspension override (rain mode)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Manual opening and closing via the orange manual lever
  • Powered by 1, 9-volt alkaline battery featuring low power consumption
  • Six buttons with LCD display
  • Swivel adapter with 3/4" female hose thread x male pipe thread and nipple: 3/4" MPT x MHT enclosed
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Watering duration from one minute to twelve hours in one minute increments
  • Weather resistant

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