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5/8" Drip Tape Coupling

5/8 in.  Drip Tape Coupling
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The drip tape to drip tape coupler is used to join two ends of 5/8” drip tape together. To use this drip tape connector, turn the sleeve counter-clockwise, insert and push the drip tape over the barb and secure by turning the outer sleeve clockwise to go over the drip tape, ensuring a quality water-tight connection.

Part #: A023
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The Drip Store’s drip fittings are available in many configurations to meet all types off applications in the layout and installation of drip tape. The drip tape fittings use a sleeve assembly over a body with barb insert, allowing the user to install the many fittings that might be needed throughout the installation of the drip tape. The larger sleeve makes the drip tape fittings easier to install and tighten. An advanced sealing interface with a long barb provides guides for the drip tape to slide over the barb for a secure seal. Our drip tape fittings are made of high impact UV resistant plastic and can last for many years.

By: rvparkandy, 11/19/14

Great product!....very durable also it seems.

By: Don Schulz, 06/16/13

Easy to use and a leak free connection.

  • Materials: Polyacetal
  • Operating pressure: 10 to 25 PSI
  • UV protected: manufactured from superior durable plastics for long life against degradation
  • Fits all brand name 5/8” drip tape
  • Made with high impact UV resistant plastic
  • No glue or tools are required
  • Secure and easy installation without glues or clamps

Installation for Drip Tape

Drip tape can be installed easily either above or below the ground. The fittings are designed mainly for use in vegetable gardens or for row crops below or above grade.  Use these drip tape fittings to connect a 5/8” drip tape into drip tubing, PVC pipe or lay-flat pipe.
Basic layout:
Most often, a vegetable garden or row crops is planted in parallel rows. This makes the layout of a drip tape very easy. If using a poly tubing as the main line per each zone, run the mainline of 1/2", 3/4" or 1” drip tubing perpendicular and along the rows and to the end of the designed zone.  
Steps to install the drip tape:
Step 1: Near each row, punch a hole in the drip tubing using a punch.
Step 2: Insert a drip tape reducer (see A026) into the drip tubing by inserting the barb side of the drip tape, with one per each row.
Step 3: Connect the drip tape into the tape connector side by turning the sleeve counter-clockwise, inserting the drip tape over the barb end of the connector and turning the sleeve clockwise to lock.
Step 4: Lay out the drip tape along the row and near the plants
Step 5: Turn the water on and flush the line
Step 6: Close the end of the drip tape using the tape end model A027, A031 or A033 with flush valve