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Threaded Fittings

The Drip Store- irrigation products, including irrigation threaded fittings, drip kits and complete drip irrigation supplies for home gardens, landscape, farm, and vegetable gardens The Drip Store’s broad line of threaded swivel fittings and threaded adapters can be used in a range of applications on any irrigation system, such as assembly of a valve manifold, conversion from hose to pipe thread and others in a host of commercial and agricultural applications. The Drip Store’s swivel fittings require no glue, pipe dope, Teflon tape or special tools. They are designed for quick and easy assembly of a valve manifold, and allow for easy maintenance and repair. The swivel fittings have large caps that can be easily tightened by hand, and encapsulated rubber "O" rings to prevent leaks.

When threaded pipe fittings are used in an irrigation system, they generally don't need to be as tight as most people think. Unlike the threads on bolts, threaded irrigation fittings are tapered, so they become tighter as they go deeper. While proper tension in tightening threaded fittings is really a matter of feel, it is best to go too loose rather than too tight. It's a quick fix if a fitting that is too loose leaks; simply give it another turn. Once there is slight resistance on the wrench, go to the point of proper orientation and stop.