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Irrigation Kits

Drip irrigation kits, drip tape kits, gravity  irrigation kits and micro sprinklers kits. The Drip Store drip irrigation kits are the best way to start a drip irrigation or micro irrigation system. The Drip Store has one of the largest selections of custom designed drip irrigation kits, drip tape kits and micro sprinklers kits for use on small or large garden areas, as well as drip irrigation kits manufactured by others that can be used for a wide range of applications. Each kit provides all the necessary parts needed to install a system, connecting to an outside faucet, 1/2" riser, 3/4" pipe or to the end of a hose, simply by following the instructions included in the box. Any of The Drip Store kits can be easily automated by adding a hose end timer, battery operated or AC controller. The Drip Store kits may be used for home gardens, roof top gardens, patios, vines, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, row crops, gravity feed systems and for cooling.

The Drip Store wide range of drip irrigation kits, drip tape kits and micro sprinklers kits can provide you with a simple and easy way to start a micro irrigation system. Our range of micro irrigation kits including drip kits for shrubs, trees and vines, drip irrigation kits for fruit trees, drip irrigation kits for raised beds, drip irrigation kits for containers, drip irrigation kits for vegetable beds, micro sprinklers kits, mixed kits, gravity feed kits. misting kits and more.

Our line of drip kits, drip tape and micro sprinklers kits can be used for every landscape site and all climates using one of the selected kit with each kit contain all the parts needed for a complete irrigation layout.