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Greenhouse Irrigation

The Drip Store's greenhouse and nursery irrigation including micro irrigation products The Drip Store’s greenhouse micro irrigation system and supplies consists of inverted micro sprinklers, inverted foggers, multi outlet drip emitters and misting systems used for greenhouses and nurseries. The traditional model of a standard sprinkler system designed to irrigate a large open area such as a landscape application, if applied to greenhouses, leaves many areas either overly wet or dry around the edges. Advances in specialized irrigation products and computer modeling for greenhouses have contributed to the development of optimized micro sprinkler and fogger products and layouts specifically designed for the irrigation needs of greenhouse applications. The Drip Store has selected some of the top micro irrigation product manufacturers to provide you with a high performance line of micro sprinklers, foggers, and misting systems for upright or inverted position applications. We have also included a line of multi-outlet PC drip emitters with anti leak devices for high efficiency in pot production of flowers and vegetables. At The Drip Store we provide design information including all the parts with detailed information necessary to install a complete, efficient micro irrigation system, from propagation to irrigation, foggers, misting systems, and drip irrigation for pots and baskets.

Use the greenhouse tutorial for a greenhouse and nursery design including installation information.
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