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5” Heavy Duty Hold Down Plastic Stake for 1/4” Drip Line, Brown

5” Heavy Duty Hold Down Plastic Stake for 1/4” Drip Line, Brown
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Plastic stakes used to hold the 1/4" micro drip tubing, 1/4" micro drip line, 1/4" laser drilled soaker hose, 1/4" porous tubing, 1/2" drip tubing, drip line and 3/4" drip tubing to the ground.

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The 5" heavy duty hold down stake is used to hold 1/4" brown micro drip line to the ground. Use the stake every 5-6’ in the installation layout of the 1/4" brown micro drip line on hard soil. Constructed of UV-resistant high impact plastic.

By: jscruggszoo, 08/22/11

These are really nice to use to keep your drip line at the same level. The tubing snaps in place at the crook in the stake, and it is equally useful for above and below grade installations.

  • Use the flow controlled stakes with drip emitter model BG-010, 020 and 050 and with the multi outlet adapter model GB-10U or GB-40U :
  • Available in metal or plastic in two colors
  • For secure and easy installation of 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" micro tubing, distribution tubing, 1/4" drip line and drip tubing
  • Heavy duty and rugged stakes design for a wide range of layouts and applications
  • Use to extend or hold the micro tubing near the plants or secure 1/4" and 1/2" to the ground
  • UV resistant, high impact plastic