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24 VAC Indoor Irrigation Controllers

24 VAC Indoor Irrigation Controllers

The GQ four, six and eight stations of AC irrigation controllers from DIG Corporation includes user-friendly and simple to program indoor irrigation controllers for the operation of any 24 VAC solenoid valves with sprinkler or drip systems

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Available ModelsPartPrice
GO-AC06 : Six Station Indoor Mounting GO-AC Controllers
Six Station Indoor Mounting GO-AC Controllers GO-AC06$64.87 ea.
GO-AC08 : Eight Station Indoor Mounting GO-AC Controllers
Eight Station Indoor Mounting GO-AC Controllers GO-AC08$67.78 ea.

The new four, six and eight station GQ AC controllers from DIG are the ultimate user-friendly controllers for residential and light commercial applications. Easy to install into the home's electrical system and easy to program, the GQ-AC controllers provide a wide range of programs for sprinklers, drip systems, lighting and other features that meet today's landscaping needs.

The controller is programmed with the use of five buttons and a dial. The picture shows the controller front with the programming buttons, dials, screen and the terminals.

•Dial selector: used to select the desired programming mode, including clock setting.
•Switch button: moves throughout the various display options to be used
•Data increment button: if decreased, lowers the value of the selected parameter (for example, changes hours, if selected, from 06:00 to 05:00)
•Data increment button: if increased, raises the value of the selected parameter (for example, hours changes hours, if selected, from 06:00 to 07:00)
•Arrow button: used to select the parameter to be changed (hour, minute, etc.) - only a blinking parameter can be changed
•Program button: moves between programs A, B, C and X in repeating order
•AC terminal: used to connect the transformer
•Terminal: to connect the master valve, valve stations and rain sensor

For programming instructions (four-station) see link: Instruction Manual.

  • Capacity
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : One - 24 VAC solenoid per station plus master valve setting
  • Dimensions
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : Controller 7.5" (19 cm) W x 2" (5 cm) D x 5.5" (13.5 cm) H
  • Input required
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : 120 VAC, 60 HZ 28 VA (plug in transformer)
  • Materials
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : Body and core: ABS
  • Maximum output
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : 0.83A
  • Output
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : 24 VAC, 0.27A
  • Sensor override:
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : allows sensor bypass regardless of sensor status
  • Terminal strip accepts
    • GO-AC04, GO-AC06, GO-AC08 : 16, 18 and 20 gauge valve wires
  • Alerts the user if controller power is off
  • Dedicated sensor terminal allows operation with rain, freeze or moister sensors
  • Five (5) buttons with a large dial and large integrated liquid crystal display (LCD) for easy view programming
  • Includes testing feature for valve or zone, making sure that the zone is operating correctly
  • Independent programming of start time, run time and day of the week for each valve
  • Manual test by program or individual valve
  • Non-volatile memory retains program and controller integrity forever (excluding time setting).
  • Off mode option on the dial allows the system to be shut off for an unlimited time
  • One terminal for sensor connection
  • Operate four (4), six (6) or eight (8) stations with master valve or pump start
  • Reset button is available for a total reset of the controller; in this option all programs will be erased
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Time can be adjusted using either conventional or military time with 12:00 AM the default setting
  • Utilizes one 9-volt backup battery with battery icon alert if battery is low and needs to be replaced