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Direct burial 7 multi-strand 18-gauge wire, 50’

Direct burial 7 multi-strand 18-gauge wire, 50’
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The Drip Store provides 18-gauge direct burial wire in 50' lengths, available for four and six station controllers. The wire can be used with any irrigation system to connect the controller to the AC valve using waterproof splice connections.

Part #: PW050-7
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The Drip Store carries heavy-duty, professional grade 5 and 7 multi-strand wire with PVC sleeves for direct burial for use in irrigation. Each wire can handle one AC solenoid valve, to a maximum distance of 800 feet. To protect the wire from maintenance practices, lay out the wire under the pipe to provide protection. Avoid burying the wire where it could be disturbed by future digging or trenching. Connect the wire to the solenoid using a waterproof connection.

5 multi strand 18-gauge wire is used with up to four stations and zones
7 multi strand 18-gauge wire is used with up to six stations and zones

Installation for Burial Wires

(See local code on wire installation.)  Unless prohibited by local code, place the sprinkler wire in the same trench as the pipeline and below or close to the pipe. 18-gauge multi-strand wires are recommended and can be used for most residential applications. See waterproof wire connection details for connecting the wires. The white wire is used as the common wire to connect one of the valve’s two wires to the controller’s common wire, and each of the colored wires is used to connect to the other wire on each valve. At the other end of the wire, at the controller, connect the same white wire to the common terminal screw and the colored wire to each station representing the correct valve number. If rain or freeze sensors are used, connect to the sensor terminal or review the sensor instructions for details.