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Backflow Prevention

The Drip Store-backflow prevention devises for use with drip irrigation system To prevent contaminated water from a ground pipe burst or other sources from being drawn into the main pipe when pressure drops, a backflow device is required. Pressures may fall when a main pipe bursts or freezes, allowing contaminated water to be drawn into the pipe. To protect the main water pipe for back siphoning, make sure to install an approved backflow prevention device or check valve on your irrigation system. A backflow or check valve acts as a one-way valve, allowing water to move in one direction only and prevents back siphoning of non-potable water into the water lines. Backflow devices are required by many municipalities and it is a regulatory provision that there be an air gap or mechanical backflow prevention assembly between the incoming main water supply and the local point of irrigation usage; it is highly recommended to install one. By installing a backflow device you help to protect the health of your household, neighborhood and community. .