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Pressure Regulators

Drip irrigation pressure regulators Water pressure may be too high for an irrigation system or water delivery system. In some cities and water districts, water is supplied at very high pressure, and in other areas home pumping systems deliver water at excessively high pressure. Pressure regulators prevent high pressure from going through the pipe and adversely affecting the system performance or inflicting damage to the piping, valves, drip system or sprinkler system. The pressure regulators are a critical part of a drip and other irrigation systems when water pressure is higher than suggested for the operation of the system. In other words, in order to use a pressure regulator the incoming pressure to the system must be higher than the system requirements.

For example, if a specific drip irrigation system performs best at 25 PSI and the incoming pressure is 50 PSI, the pressure will need to be lowered to the recommended pressure of 25-PSI. A 25 PSI pressure regulator is therefore installed to lower the pressure to a constant 25 PSI.

The Drip Store has a wide range of pressure regulators including preset (in-line) pressure regulators made of plastic and adjustable pressure regulators made of plastic or brass. Preset pressure regulators can maintain a preset pressure between10 to 35 PSI. The adjustable pressure regulator is more expensive and provides for adjustment within a range of pressures. The most commonly used are our plastic pressure regulators with an adjustable range of 28 to 60 PSI. (Both plastic types should not be under constant pressure) The pressure regulator should be installed after the control valve