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3/4" 18-VDC Inline Valve

3/4 in.  18-VDC  Inline Valve
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The 18-VDC, 3/4" inline valves with flow control are designed to operate with one-station (C014) and six-station (C038) (DIG series 510, 540 and 560) battery operated controllers.

Part #: C010
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Designed for commercial, residential and agricultural use, the C010,C011,C027 and C028 series (DIG series 337-xxx) plastic in-line globe valves from DIG range in size from 3/4" to 2" and come with 18-VDC solenoids. This series of DC valves with solenoids is designed to operate with the one-station (C014) and six-station (C038) (DIG series 510, 540 and 560) battery operated controllers only. The 18-VDC solenoid has three color-code wires that connect to the corresponding wires on the battery operated controller, using waterproof connectors. Made of reinforced nylon and non-corrosive material, this series of DC valves is designed for reliability in a variety of demanding applications.

  • Body Styles: globe valve
  • Dimensions: 3/4" and 1": 4.5" H x 4.25" L x 3.125" W (11.5 cm H x 11 cm L x 8 cm W)
  • Operating pressure: 10 to 150 PSI
  • Recommended pressure: 10 to 90 PSI
  • Solenoid: 18 VDC, with three color-coded wires
  • Solenoid thread: 3/4" - 20
  • Temperature range: Up to 170 F (76.7 C)
  • Valve flow rate: 3/4": .1 to 28 GPM
  • Valve size: 3/4" FNPT inlet and outlet
  • Constructed of glass reinforced nylon with a stainless steel spring; non-corrosive materials
  • Easy in-line maintenance
  • Electric or manual operation
  • High flow with low pressure loss
  • High performance solenoid with low electrical power consumption
  • Manual internal bleed override for opening and closing the valve without external water spill
  • Normally closed
  • Rugged, with reinforced and supported self-cleaning diaphragm that provides reliable operation even with dirty water
  • Smooth valve opening and closing prevents pressure surge hazards
  • Three color-coded 24" solenoid wires for easy reference