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1/2" .700 OD Compression 3/4" FNPT Swivel Adapter with Screen

1/2 in.  .700 OD Compression 3/4 in.  FNPT Swivel Adapter with Screen
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The 3/4" female pipe thread (FNPT) Swivel Adapter is used to connect 1/2" drip tubing to pipe thread fittings.

Part #: LF011
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The Drip Store’s compression fittings from DIG Corporation are constructed of molded ultraviolet-resistant high impact plastic and are available to fit most sizes of drip tubing and drip line from 1/2” to 5/8". Our compression drip fittings are available with 3/4” female threads or 3/4” male thread inlet and come in a wide range of configurations to meet all applications of drip irrigation systems.

The Drip Store's 1/2" compression fittings with .700 OD (black insert) are used in the installation of a drip irrigation system that uses .690 OD to .704 OD drip tubing and drip line.
To connect the drip tubing into the compression fitting, insert the .690 OD to .704 OD drip tubing into the compression side of the fitting, pushing and wiggling the tubing back and forth into the fitting. The 1/2" compression fitting side uses a simple wrist action and the drip tubing is "walked" into the fittings for a very tight fit, ensuring a quality watertight connection. No tools, glue or clamps are required.

Suggestion in connecting the 1/2" compression drip fittings. To install the 1/2" compression fittings, cut the drip tubing with a hand pruner, being careful to keep dirt from entering the line. Hold the compression fitting in one hand and the drip tubing in the other and force the drip tubing into the fitting by wiggling it from side to side. Make sure that the drip tubing is pushed into the compression fitting for about 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch for a very tight fit. No glue or clamps are required.

By: reghupm, 07/09/11

Got 2 of them and it is leaking water on both. Don't buy!!!

The Drip Store ~ response by: The Drip Store Webmaster, 07/13/11

After obtaining a picture from our customer and reviewing this comment with the manufacturer we found the issue to be mismatching Hose Thread components with Pipe thread components and not actually a fault of the product.  Please see the response from the tech department of DIG Corp.

Dear Drip Store,
We noticed in your Products Review section the rating on one of our drip irrigation fittings. After our investigation and reviewing the email from you with your customer's problem description including a picture (enclosed), we would like to respond to this complaint.

The product: 3/4" female pipe thread swivel adapter x .700 OD drip tubing your model # LF001 (the part is not included in the picture provided by your customer).

DIG Corporation produces and distributes a 3/4" swivel adapter with female pipe thread (FPT), and a swivel adapter with 3/4" female hose thread (FHT).  The female swivel ring on the hose thread is black and the female swivel ring on the pipe thread part is gray.  This is the easiest way to differentiate between the two because the bodies are the same, and the female thread looks similar on each.  The FHT hose thread swivel adapter must always be screwed on to a device or fitting that has male hose thread (i.e. a faucet, hose end timer, or garden hose).  If it is screwed on to a fitting, nipple, adapter or device that has male pipe thread, it will leak at the swivel.  This will be the same for the swivel pipe thread. This is because the male and female thread are not compatible, and the swivel adapter will not screw on far enough to seal against the washer.  Applying Teflon tape will not fix the leak, and over tightening will damage the thread.  The only remedy is to select the appropriate part for the threaded connection.

For the same reasons, if a FPT swivel adapter is screwed on to a male hose thread fitting, it will also leak externally at the swivel point.  A 3/4" FPT swivel adapter must be screwed on to a male pipe thread fitting such as a PVC male adapter or 3/4" nipple.  It should also be noted that in this case, no Teflon tape should be wrapped around the male pipe thread, as this may prohibit the female fitting from screwing on far enough to seal against the washer.
 DIG Corp. and other manufacturers produce and distribute filters, pressure regulators, backflow preventers and other fittings and adapters that are available in both pipe and hose thread configurations, so it is very important to know what type of thread is installed.   If the thread pattern is unknown, please call or e-mail us for assistance.
 In reviewing the picture provided, we can see that the hose end timer is connected to a faucet with a brass backflow device (See A +B). To the controller we see an additional plastic backflow device with female hose thread x male pipe thread (your model # A016). First, this part is not needed and the user can remove it (See C). Second this backflow device is also connected into a 3/4" pressure regulator with hose thread (See D). This is one more problem when a backflow with male pipe thread is connected into a pressure regulator with female hose thread. Last, the hose thread on the pressure regulator was probably connected into our 3/4" swivel adapter with pipe thread (See D + E) and this is the reason the assembly was leaking from the swivel adapter. By changing the swivel adapter from hose to pipe thread the problem will be solved.

Thank you for allowing DIG to respond to and clarified this issue and we hope that your customer can take the time to correct his review of our product.


Stuart M. Spaulding CLIA
DIG Corp. Customer & Technical Service Manager
1.800.322.9146 ex 123

  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Body: ABS, Inserts: Polycarbonate
  • Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
  • Operating pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
  • Color coded
  • Fits all DIG 1/2" polyethylene tubing with .690 OD, .700 OD and .704 OD
  • Made with high impact UV resistant plastic
  • Secure and easy installation without glues or clamps

Installation for 1/2" Compression Fittings

To connect the 1/2" drip tubing, cut the drip tubing with a hand pruner, being careful to keep dirt from entering the drip tubing. Hold the fitting in one hand and the drip tubing in the other and force the tubing into the fitting while wiggling the drip tubing from side to side. "Walk" the drip tubing into the fitting until about 1/2" to 3/4" of the drip tubing is inside the fitting.

Note: For other size tubing use the fittings with black insert for DIG® (.700 OD),  blue insert for Toro® blue stripe tubing (.710 OD)and the fittings with green insert for Rain Drip® and Rain Bird®(.620 OD)