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Screen and Disc Filters

The Drip Store drip irrigationscreen and discs filters Nearly all water sources can be made suitable for micro irrigation by means of appropriate physical and/or chemical treatments. Physical treatment is the removal of organic or suspended solids using a filter large enough to cover the drip emitter outlets. Suspended solids may be removed by means of a screen filter, disk filter, or some combination of the above. Proper filtration and clean water are essential to the efficient operation of low volume irrigation systems. Trash, algae, sand, silt, and other contaminants present in the irrigation water source will lead to clogged drip emitters and micro-sprinklers, inoperative valves and an overall significant reduction in system efficiency resulting in poor system performance. The Drip Store offers a very wide range of filters, disc or screen, with a wide range of filtration mesh required for a successful installation. Chemical treatment is the addition of one or more chemicals to the water supply for the purpose of controlling biological growths or chemical reactions. Chemical treatment may be performed alone or in conjunction with physical treatment. Chemical treatments commonly used in micro irrigation systems include the addition of chlorine and /or acid in low percentage to the water supply.

About Screen Filters
The Drip Store’s screen filters are probably the most common filters used, and in most cases the least expensive. Screen filters are excellent for removing hard particulates from water, such as sand and trash. They are not so great at removing organic materials such as algae, mold and slime. The non-solid materials tend to embed themselves into the screen material where they are very difficult to remove. In other cases they simply slide through the holes in the screen by temporarily deforming their shape. Several methods of flushing are common. The simplest is a flush valve outlet at the bottom of the filter. The valve outlet is opened and the debris washes through the flush valve.

About Disk Filters
Disk filters have many of the advantages of screen filters, but are good at removing both hard particulates, like sand, and organic matter. A disk filter consists of a stack of round, grooved disks. Each disk has grooves on both sides. The water is forced between the grooved disks, and the organic matter or sediments accumulate on the outer face of the stacked discs, allowing clean water to flow through the stacked discs and out of the filter.