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1 Gallon Fertilizer Applicator for Constant Pressure Applications

1 Gallon Fertilizer Applicator for Constant Pressure Applications
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EZ-FLO fertigator model 1010-HB is a one gallon fertilizer applicator with hose threads. This model has the ability to be placed on an outdoor faucet or mainline upstream of the control valves (under constant pressures less than 80 PSI only).

Part #: A057
$95.35 ea.

Easy-to-use, effective, and environmentally friendly, Ez-Flo automatic fertilizer dispensing systems are intended for use in residential, commercial grower, and municipal applications with up to 6000 square feet. Four precision settings can be selected using the feed adjustment knob on top the unit's cap, maximum your proportioning flexibility. This system is the perfect choice to feed multiple zones automatically from a single water supply.

- Heavy duty design - 1 year limited warranty
- Can be installed under constant pressure
ahead of hose and drip timers - Maximum
pressure 80 PSI
- All connection components are included

These are the best high capacity hose-end feeders available to consumers and professional alike for distributing water-soluble fertilizers and chemicals evenly, at adjustable proportioning rates. The hose thread and drip connection units can attach to any hose bib, so the tank doesn't have to be carried with the hose when feeding. The units work with all water soluble and liquid fertilizers, which can be combined in the unit with other chemicals and nutrients to provide "All-In-One" plant and landscape care. The units use a patented flow process built on the principles of precision, port water entry, agitation and flow control to deliver non-hazardous fertilizers and supplements to your landscape.

A051 3/4 Gallon Hose & Drip Connection 2 Lbs 6" x 9" 5,000 sq ft 5 lbs dry
A057 1 Gallon Hose & Drip Connection "constant pressure" 6000 sq ft 7 lbs dry

Note: In order for the applicator tank to operate properly if used with PVC pipe or with a sprinkler system, the system will need to have at least 120 GPH drawn from it. If the system uses less, then use PVC connector model A085, 3/4" or model A086 for 1" with each has a ball valve at the center coupling.

  • 3/4" FHT thread :
  • Maximum pressure: 80 PSI
  • Available in three sizes
  • Available with hose or pipe thread connection
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Use with drip or sprinkler systems
  • Used by commercial growers to apply fertilizer, reducing complexity of fertilization in greenhouse and nurseries
EZ Flo 1010-HB
EZ Flo 1010-HB
In this installation a 1010-HB is installed on a hose or drip system upstream of the multi zone timer(s) and is under pressure at all times (constant pressure model only). The system will feed through any sprinklers, sprayers or drip emitters that are connected to the timer, each time a zone is watered. One system can conveniently feed all of the areas automatically. These systems come complete with all the components needed to connect to a garden hose connection.

Installation for Fertilizer Applicators

The most common installation of this applicator is to the faucet or hose bib, and in this type of installation the hose bib adapter is included. If the unit is installed into a faucet a backflow device is recommended; if installed with standard anti-siphon valve the backflow devise is not needed.  If you use this unit for a sprinkler system we suggest ordering the PVC connector model A082 for 3/4" A083 for 1” or A084 for 2”.

  1. Determine the type of installation that is correct for your system and insert the flow disks (consult flow disk chart) if your total flow is under 120 GPH
  2. Install the Ez-Flo hose bib adaptor fitting in the correct position – last in line before the swivel adaptor.  Timers, filters, and pressure regulators should not be installed downstream of the unit’s hose bib adaptor.
  3. Attach pickup tubes to the hose bib adaptor fitting (black tube to blue fitting, clear tube to green fitting).
  4. Attach clear tubing to the green connector nut on cap.  DO NOT REMOVE COMPLETELY THE BLUE AND GREEN CONNECTOR NUTS.  Slightly loosen each nut and insert the tubing through the center of the nut until it stops.  Then tighten the nut over the inserted tube.
  5. Fill the container with 1 pound water soluble fertilizer for every 3,000 square feet.  Fill the tank up with water.

Set the flow adjustment on the cap 

It is important to note that the applicator tanks are made of polyethylene plastic and the tank is not designed to withstand constant water pressure. The applicator should be depressurized after each use in order to ensure a long service life. The applicator can handle up to 80 PSI in operating mode, which is the maximum pressure suggested for this unit.

Fertilizer Distribution Rates

EZ-FLO's applicator ensures that the proportion of fertilizer to water remains constant from the beginning of the cycle until the tank is depleted of fertilizer.

The units have an adjustable cap with four basic settings relating to the amount of fertilizer mixed with the water.  The proportionin

g rate

is determined by the connection type with the hose bib connection feeding at a faster rate than when a coupling connection is used.


Hose Bib &
Drip Cap Setting

Hose Bib
Feed Ratio

Feed Ratio





1,000 to 1

15,000 to 1


500 to 1

8,000 to 1


250 to 1

2,000 to 1











Model No. Description Shipping Weight Diameter/height Coverage (2 months) Fertilizer Capacity
A051 3/4 Gallon Hose & Drip Connection 2 Lbs 6" x 9" 5,000 sq ft 5 lbs dry
A052 1 1/3 Gallon Hose & Drip Connection 3 Lbs 7" x 11" 8,000 sq ft 8 lbs dry
A053 3 Gallon Hose & Drip Connection 5 Lbs 7" x 19" 20,000 sq ft 20 lbs dry