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1/4" Microtubing, Green Vinyl

1/4" Microtubing, Green Vinyl

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The Drip Store green 1/4" vinyl micro tubing is available in 50' lengths. Our commercial grade flexible vinyl micro tubing is made of the highest quality resins and is UV resistant.

  • Bending radius
    • T036 : 3"
  • Materials
    • T036 : Vinyl
  • Maximum flow rate
    • T036 : 35 GPH per line
  • Operating pressure
    • T036 : up to 60 PSI
  • Size
    • T036 : 1/4" .156 ID x .245 OD
  • Stiffness
    • T036 : 90 shore
  • UV resistant
    • Installation Methods using 1/4" Micro Tubing

      The basic use of 1/4" the micro tubing is as a feeder line from the 1/2" drip tubing, with the 12 outlet drip emitter and as part of a complete system using the 1/4" as the main lateral. To connect the micro tubing to the drip tubing, first, insert a 1/4" barb or 1/4" tee into the micro tubing, then, use the punch to make a hole in the drip tubing and then, insert the barb into the hole in the drip tubing. Use the micro tubing as a feeder line to reach plants or clusters of plants that are away from the drip tubing and install a dripper or micro sprayer at the end of the micro tubing.