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Applicators & Fertilizer

The Drip Store fertilizer injectors for drip irrigation system and sprinklers system The Drip Store provides the most economical method of applying fertilizer through your drip irrigation system by utilizing fertilizer injectors that operate without any external power supply. this method called fertigation. Fertigation use soluble fertilizer that flow directly towards the plant root zone through the drip system, drip emitters or micro sprinkler system. A liquid fertilizer solution or soluble fertilizer is injected into the system at the desired rate. The Drip Store’s line of applicators can be attached to the faucet (hose bib) or to PVC pipe to feed the plants through a sprinkler or drip system. The dilution rate is completely adjustable, so the user can feed in minutes on the fast setting or months on the slow setting every time the system is turned on. The mixing ratio is constant even with changes in the flow rate or water pressure and with flow as low as 2.5 gallons per hour and 5 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure.

Soluble Fertilizer
Fertilizer is generally available in dry, soluble, suspension or solution forms. The Drip Store offers dry and soluble formulas. When using soluble material, only water-soluble compounds should be used; the dry water-soluble fertilizer must be dissolved into the water before it can be injected. Solution forms of fertilizer come completely dissolved. Fertilizer solutions are available in many different blends.

Note: Some solutions may require dilution with water in order to provide an adequate volume for uniform distribution thru your irrigation system.

Fertigation is the application of fertilizer or other water soluble product through the irrigation system using one of many methods of injection system available.

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