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Netafim Techflow .5 GPH Dripper with Outlet Nipple

Netafim Techflow .5 GPH Dripper with Outlet Nipple
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The brown Techflow pressure compensating drip emitter by Netafim, is color coded drip emitter with a flow rate of .5 GPH and operating in a pressure range of 7 to 60 PSI.

Part #: D101
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Designed for a wide range of application, The Techflow pressure compensating drip emitter with check valve by Netafim has consistent flow rate over a wide range of pressures. The .5 GPH is excellent drip emitter used for drip irrigation in all range of application including grape vines. One of the main features of this PC drip emitter is the internal check valve with its capability to open at a pressure of 4.3 PSI and to close at a pressure of 2.9 PSI, saving water and nutrients using.

This PC drip emitter contain a diaphragm that continuously adjusts to varying water pressure to ensure a constant flow rate. The silicon diaphragm inside the PC drip emitter allows particles to pass through the drip emitters without harming it, providing reliable performance and a longer life. This method of continuous flushing and large flow path allows the drip emitter to operate at optimal flow rates under extreme conditions. The PC drip emitters discharge the same amount of water under a wide pressure range, providing high uniformity and longer run on any topography. This feature allows to maximize the amount of drip emitters on a single drip lateral while maintaining an even flow rate from each PC drip emitter. Use this type of drip emitters for any layout in home garden, commercial landscape and agricultural application.

Uniformity and lower maintenance:
With higher uniformity over a wide range of pressures, the pressure compensating drip emitters, offers many advantages in site preservation and maintenance, such as even uniformity over a longer lateral run with smaller size valves due to a smaller sized delivery system, resistance to clogging due to the water passage design.
Water movement in the soil:

When using drip emitters it is important to select the correct flow rate in order to achieve the right wetted pattern shape. In sandy soil, water tends to drain quickly (gravitational force) with little lateral movement, so applying a higher flow rate over a given time period will produce a wider pattern. Using point source irrigation with .5 GPH drip emitters for one hour will provide a smaller wetted area then using 1 GPH for the same time, due to the soil characteristics.

About drip irrigation:
Drip irrigation is the slow application of water directly to the plants' root zone in a predetermined pattern. Drip irrigation can be use to maintain optimum moisture level in the soil at all times that will results in less water lost to the sun and the wind. No water is wasted on non-growth areas, and the root zone is maintained at its ideal moisture level, combining the proper balance of water and air for a very efficient irrigation system.

  • Flow rate: .5 GPH red
  • Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Size:
  • 5.0 PSI internal check valve
  • Color coded nozzles for flow rate identification
  • Contaminates prevented from being drawn into the dripper by the anti-siphon operation
  • Designed to regulate flow and provide continuous self-clean during operation