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Backflow Prevention (toggle)

About Backflow

This device keeps contaminates from re-entering household water supply. This device should always be used with drip system and when applying fertilizer. Backflow device, when used, is the first item to install with drip system after the faucet.

Important: If a backflow device is used with a battery operated controller or any type of shutoff valve, make sure that the backflow device should be install after the battery-operated controller, timer or any type of shutoff valve.

Important: Backflow device (vacuum breaker) cannot be used under a continuous pressure.
Codes do not permit the use of this device under a continuous pressure as the backflow device can stop functioning under emergency conditions. If used under constant pressure, the backflow device can crack and fail due to a pressure surge when downstream valve close

Some municipalities or local water districts, require the use of Backflow / Atmospheric Vacuum breakers. Make sure to check your local city code to see if you need to install this device.

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